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Which is a better balanced/neutral-sounding IEM with good bass response/kick, the JHA16 or Hidition Tears 6 Pro?

  1. SursumCorda
    Ex-lurker here. I have a question about the JHA16 and the Hidition Tears 6 Pro
    Music I listen to: I listen to a variety of music, everything from pop to rock to classical... so my playlist is all over. Though I don't listen to much techno or rap. 
    Current IEMs in-use: Currently I have the Westone 4Rs and Shure 535s. I like the bass bump of the 535, but aside from the bass, I prefer the Westone 4R for the soundstage and neutral presentation. (I guess I could say I like just a hint of bass-boost.) The 535 is fun to listen to, but I keep coming back to the Westone for most music. (Except for bass-heavy music…. Which is when  I prefer the extra thump of the 535.)
    DAPS: For players, I have a Rocoo P, and the ubiquitous iTouch with a Fiio E17 w/t L9 line out. Those two are good enough in their own ways to keep me satisfied.
    What I'd like
    I’m looking for an IEM that has a good soundstage, with a good bass. I want to hear a thump when the song requires it. I looked at the JHA16, and it sounds like that is in line with what I’m looking for. The snag is that I’m in Korea. Since Hidition is Korean, I’d save about $500 in import taxes and the like by getting the Tears 6 Pro.
    How does the Tears 6 Pro stack up to the JHA 16? (If the quality of the JHA 16 is significantly better (or has a better bass response) I’ll just wait until I go back to the states to get a custom IEM, and simply get ACS sleeves for my Westone/Shures.)
    Which is a better neutral(ish) IEM with good bass?
    http://hidition.co.kr/products/170 Tears 6 Pro
    http://www.jhaudio.com/product/jh16-pro-custom-ear-monitor JHA16
    I’m assuming that both have better sound quality than the Westone 4R/Shure 535s…
    (Though I haven’t tested them out, so feel free to tell me otherwise... or if there is only a slight step upwards.)
    Thanks for your thoughts.^^
    EDIT: (1 minute later) Whoops. I just saw averagejoes IEM review thread. What an amazing amount of information. Thanks Joe! I didn't see it when I searched for Tears 6 Pro... I'll read through your posts. If anyone has experience with the JHA16/Tears 6 Pro, however, I'll still appreciate your input. ^^
  2. Jeremypsp
    I only listened to the demo set though. The JH16 sounds like the Westone 4 on steroids, more bass, sub bass and all. Also, the JH13 does sound quite similar to the W4, although the 16s have the bass boost you said you wanted. 
  3. SursumCorda
    I went to the a store here in Korea called soundcat, and they recomended I consider the Westone E5S as well... I'm looking around, and it seems a solid contender. Though it reads that the JHA16 does the low end bass with a bit more punch.

    The soundcat guys in Yongsan (place) told of another store of theirs that has some demo set out (in Jong-ro) so I'll check out those when I get the chance. ^^
  4. Jeremypsp

    Have not tried the ES5, but it does seem the way to go if you're a fan of Westone's house signature. (More mid-forward) 
  5. SursumCorda
    After some inner debate, I ordered the JHA16... Im pretty sure I'll enjoy it. I have ACS tips for the Westone 4Rs now that really bring the 4R up a notch... And in the future, there is always the Hidition tears 6 or 6 pro... (waiting to see what average_joe says about the pro edition)

    Thanks for the input Jeremypsp~
  6. Jeremypsp

    Happy listening! 

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