Where to buy Metrum Octave?
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Aug 9, 2012
So I was denied a Metrum Octave by Hifi Heaven because I couldn't return their call the same day to make the purchase.  This after waiting patiently for 6 weeks for something that they supposedly had 3 of in stock at time I made my order.  I waited patiently as they explained that it was in customs each of the 3 times I called them fully agreeing that it was out of their control and not their fault.  Then when they did receive it, they left me a message to call them back on their last unit.  Unfortunately due to a work deadline I was only able to call them back the following day at their opening time.  They tell me "I wished you called back sooner because it's already been sold".

While the individuals I spoke to were nice, I'm very disappointed that they didn't reciprocate a smidgeon of the patience asked of me.  Come on now, I'm made to wait for 6 weeks but they can't even wait a full day?

So now I'm seeking suggestions for an honest and reliable dealer that have or might have the Metrum Octave for sale.
Google and the search function hasn't return too many results, so I posted this here and at audiogon in hopes of finding usable suggestions.
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Apr 13, 2011
Contact the manufacturer directly.  Worth a shot. 

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