1. Gary in MD

    December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison

    Folks:   I intend to do a comparison of mid-level (~$500-2500) DACs in December 2013.  I will test multiple DACs and keep the one I like the best.  Period.  Everything else gets sent away.  If I end up liking my current $200 Emotiva XDA-1 best, that's the one I'll keep and everything new gets...
  2. BSDie

    Dac comparison – Metrum Octave with Halide Bridge compared to Db Audio Labs Tranquility SE

    My NOS dac (Non-oversampling) addiction started with a Moodlab Concept of tnt-audio fame. I bought it for my office system where I wanted to enjoy fatigue free music for hours at end. It wasn’t comparable to the Stello DA100 that I used in my main system but had a musicality that I kept coming...
  3. Padawan38

    MHDT Labs Pagoda ?

    Hello I'm looking for great DAC around 1000 Euros (I'm Europe based). I'm very interested into the MHDT Pagoda but haven't seen any reviews nor direct comparison to other DAC. I know M2Tech Young, Mytek 192, W4S DAC2, Hegel HD25, VDAC+VLINK, Atoll DAC 200. As a reference I also have recently...
  4. bobeau

    Metrum Acoustics Octave

    Just read this:   Anyone thinking about ordering?  Have experience with the other Metrum DACs?   Tried both a MiniMax and Anedio and wasn't feeling the Sabre sound, at least w/ my Edition 8s.  Now I'm listening to an old Ack! Dack...
  5. Failed Engineer

    NOS DACs with good USB implementations?

    I've decided that the NOS sound is what I prefer and looking to add one under $2K for a secondary system.  My main DAC is the Metrum Hex, so the Octave seems the natural choice, but I was wondering if there were others.   My listening is all computer based so I need a good enough USB to not...
  6. Tuberoller1

    DAC Popularity Check (2013 Edition)

    There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of different DACs out there, so I wanted to see which ones are the most popular by a NEW poll.  Personally I have a Metrum Octave, but am looking to upgrade.    So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your cable...
  7. F

    Metrum Octave DAC: COAX vs. TOSLINK ?

    Hi, I am considering to purchase a Metrum Octave. As source I got an Acer Revo R3700 Nettop (Win8 & jplay) with Toslink (I use a TCI Coral cable) and USB-Audio-Out. As I  can not afford to buy an Audiophilleo USB/SPDIF Converter (which seems to be the choice for a Metrum Dac) I was wondering...
  8. Currawong

    Review: Calyx DAC 24/192

    I posted this in the Head Gear section, but I thought I'd add it here. I bought MorbidToaster's Calyx DAC out of curiosity and shameless consumerism and this is what I thought of it.   With the nuclear power stations across Japan almost all shut off, our electricity supplier threatened us...
  9. t0tor0

    Stax SR-009: suggestions to tone down the brightness?

    hi guys,   i just got my SR009 and 007a. I run the 007a as a power amp, meaning full volume with a pre-amp before it. i think the sound quality is amazing. but it is indeed a tad on the bright side (in fact quite bright for my liking).   i wonder if anyone here has any experience on how...
  10. Tuberoller1

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    I currently have an eastern electric minimax dace with a mullard tube in it as well has a musical fidelity v-link asynchronous usb->spdif feeding it.  From what I've read the EE seems like a giant killer (especially with the MF v-link feeding it).  My question is, how much would I have to spend...
  11. jazzmonk

    Where to buy Metrum Octave?

    So I was denied a Metrum Octave by Hifi Heaven because I couldn't return their call the same day to make the purchase.  This after waiting patiently for 6 weeks for something that they supposedly had 3 of in stock at time I made my order.  I waited patiently as they explained that it was in...
  12. anonymoustao

    Recommended USB to SPDIF converter to use with a Metrum Octave DAC

      I am looking for a USB to SPDIF converter to use with a Metrum Octave DAC.  The primary ones under consideration are:   1.  JKSPDIF Mk III ($460) 2.  Audiophilleo 2 with Pure Power ($999) 5.  Wavelength Audio WaveLink ($900)   The configuration would be computer->USB to...
  13. agoston.berko

    Anedio D2 DAC release

    Anybody knows some information ?
  14. Tuberoller1

    Metrum octave vs new Rega DAC vs Eastern electric

    I currently have an EE minimax (non-plus version), but have become increasingly interested in the Metrum and Rega DACs recently as a potential replacement. What are people's opinions on this? Would either of these DACs truly be an upgrade? I listen to all redbook, so oversampling isn't an issue...
  15. vonjuergen

    RWA Isabellina HPA or Metrum Octave + AMP ?

    Hi !   i would like to upgrade my source. can the isabellina compete with the metrum octave on redbook material ?   any other all in one battery amp NOS dac designs on the market ?   thank you   J     Cans:  HD600, SRH1840
  16. Tassie Devil

    Which Headamp to use in-between Metrum Acoustics NOS Mini Octave and Sennheiser HD800 with a balanced XLR cord?

    Looking to see if I can improve the NuForce DAC 9 - Sennheiser HD800 setup which uses a digital input from a Meridian Sooloos system (so USB not needed). The headphone cable is balanced.   The Metrum Octave DAC looks very inviting BUT it will require a headphone amp and one with balanced...
  17. Metrum Acoustics Octave

    Metrum Acoustics Octave

    A non-oversampling DAC build by a Dutch company. Impressions thread here: Review from 6moons here: