NOS DACs with good USB implementations?
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I've decided that the NOS sound is what I prefer and looking to add one under $2K for a secondary system.  My main DAC is the Metrum Hex, so the Octave seems the natural choice, but I was wondering if there were others.
My listening is all computer based so I need a good enough USB to not have to go with a converter.
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ehhhh? $2k? At the moment I'm listening to my 4xTDA1543 NOS DAC with a very good setup (bettering a $130k setup that I heard just a month ago). It is the model that I modify myself. I have not found a commercial model that I like better. The irony is that I'm selling it for €150. It does not have a usb input, but that is easy to fix with a Musiland device or a Tenor7022 dongle (+Wolfson dac) that is sold on Ebay.

At the moment I'm looking to expand my horizon with a 8xTDA model that has a tenor7022 on board to modify with my personal touch. This should be even better and way below $2k (more like $500).

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