What's Wrong with the Hi-Fi Scene?: A 700$ NAD Integrated Amp Is Indiscernible from a +20.000$ Mark Levinson Preamp & Dual Monaural Power Amplifier

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by deafmutelame, Apr 15, 2018.
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  1. Speedskater
    It comes down to 'all accurate well designed amplifiers will sound the same when played under reasonable conditions. (there is a long set of reasonable conditions).
    But many audiophile amplifiers (can't call them hi-fi) are designed with euphonic colorations. These amps will sound different than accurate amps under some conditions.
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  2. bigshot
    I have one of those four channel Akai R2R decks. They're great. They have glass heads, so chances are that they will always play great without needing new heads.

    I take it folks are bantering with one of the blatherers in my ignore list. It's interesting to see the energy wasted on answering a troll without seeing the troll itself. It's like looking at radiation or something.
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  3. gregorio
    If you are going to contradict the facts/science and make an absolute claim, neither your formal written or spoken statement, the "appearance of something" nor a public recounting of your religious experience is acceptable here! This is the Sound SCIENCE forum, not a court of law, nor a platform for religious experiences! Again, how many times do you need to be told?

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  4. skwoodwiva
    yes but only informally and only with music I knew & loved.
    Edit, there can be no valid ABX results, if you are not utterly familiar with the music you are evaluating.
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  5. ev13wt
    I sure ain't reporting nobody that is trying to help people understand stuff. :)

    This is the science forum. Just get with reality, accept the fact that audio is very well understood (in the 2 channel reproduction realm).
    There is nothing left to do but add "flavor". For this "flavor" which speaks not only to your ears, but mostly to your other senses and to your brain.

    You can really compare it to the watch world. For instance a Breitling from 2010. Inside lives a standard ETA engine, with a pretty branded rotor. Thats it. The cost of the mechanical parts adds up to a TOTAL of 80 to 150 USD, depending on the ETA "grade". The other 6000 USD are bling. Its a steel case, nothing expensive about that. A piece of glas or two... If you place that ETA into a cheap china case, you will have the performance of a Breitling without the cost.

    A DAC. A DAC these days is the ETA. After about 50 USD, you are done - except if you add fluff and pretty and magic. It won't get better if you throw more money at it. Maybe "different".

    (disregard the fact that mechanical, analog watches are about as accurate as Vinyl is...)


    Music reproduction is never perfect. It is impossible. Have fun with your moby dick bro!
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  6. ev13wt
    70000 EURO / USD

    130 USD

    Now, I will agree that the ETA in the 70K watch has been modified. It has been made prettier.

    This Eta is also found in THE IWC PILOT MK XVIII AND THE OMEGA SEAMASTER 2254

    "It can be a little hard to swallow when a £5,000 watch is apparently carrying the same movement as your £350 beater. But explaining why is a story for another day."

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  7. castleofargh Contributor
    try to stay back on topic and even if it's so damn hard sometimes, fight claims not people.
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  8. skwoodwiva
    I am using theses 1:2

  9. skwoodwiva
    Exactly what we need for lo imp output devices!
  10. tansand
    Except it goes the other way...:p That's the original article from the electra print guy, thanks for posting it! :)
  11. skwoodwiva
    Am I right? About lo ohms input be its best application?
    I know swat. Just learning as you posted. Using as a balanced converter SE phone to my KRKs. ....
    I have 700 ohms out & 900 in so seems there will be some gain? Less coils is gain side?
  12. skwoodwiva
    ! IMG_20180418_024748.jpg
  13. skwoodwiva
  14. tansand
    I'm not sure what you're trying to do. Convert unbalanced to balanced? You don't have to use the transformers for that, you can, but I wouldn't.. I would skip the screen entirely and see how a twisted pair connected to pins 2 and 3 of the xlr, or tip and sleeve of 1/4 inch works. Connecting the negative of the output device to the ground of the input device can cause problems. Please note the edit below





    EDIT:I'm concerned you'll fry your phone though. I don't think I'm qualified to advise you. Note this!

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  15. old tech
    I would have thought an ABX result would be more valid with music that you are utterly familiar with as you would know exactly what nuances to listen for.
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