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What's the Best unknown TV comedy?

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  1. John E Woven
    Lucky Louie
  2. kansei
    ^ linger longer

    I would also recommend "Red Dwarf", although it's an ancient show.
  3. Zanth Contributor
    Apparently there is now confirmation that Arrested Development will hit the Silver Screen! I can't wait! After watching the first season and hooking my wife, I've just purchased II and III for under $40 and can't wait to finish off what is certainly one of the most remarkable Sitcoms in US history.
  4. Azathoth
    "The IT Crowd" is pretty damn funny. As the show's title implies, it's mostly geeky-reference jokes. [​IMG]
  5. poo
    The Mighty Boosh

    Known well by many, but should be familiar to all.
  6. CC001
    what about sordid lives, showing on film24 at the mo?

    I don't think that many people have seen it but it's pretty bizarre, and big in the states.

  7. marka250
    TBBT is the best, GOT is the worst.
  8. marka250
    It's really good indeed!! I love it.
  9. Spareribs
    I like the old vintage Muppet show with Kermit and Miss Piggy. I also feel that Miss Piggy was underrated and she should return with her own show

    marka250 likes this.
  10. marka250
    Yes! Inspiring and funny show!
  11. Spareribs
    Yes. If they ever return the Muppet show, Miss Piggy should have a tattoo just to keep up with modern times
  12. wink
    I Love Lucy - ABSOLUTELY Hated it..... Rest of my family loved it. Contrived stupidity fobbed off as entertainment.
    The Honeymooners - GREAT
    Get Smart - Supurb
    Sgt Bilko - Great
    Sha Na Na - TV series - excellent
    Top Cat - Great comic seires
    Paul Hogan Show - Aussie comedy at it's best that degenerated into unmitigated smut
    Benny Hill Show - Brilliant British humour with lashings of smut and sexual innuendoes that degraded it's appeal.
    MASH - Along with Get Smart, it has had more re-runs than the Indy 500. Still supurb.
    Andy Griffiths Show -- Stands tall as US homespun humour and philosophy in one package.
    Hee Haw - Country music and humout at it's best.
    Laugh In - Rowan and Martin at their best........
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
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