Whats the best headphones for rock/metal?
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Apr 15, 2013
Good morning guys, I'm not really sure if this is the right place for my thread I'v just registered this moment and I'v been searching lately for the best headphones I can find for my budget around $70-75 maybe a little bit more but surely not over $80.
I mainly listen to rock/metal and as I been reading in this forums most people recommend the Grado SR80's but they are a little over my range by $20 so I can't really afford them. Some of my friends recommend the Sony MDR-V6 and others say downgrade in the Grado ladder to SR60's and I really can't choose between them I didn't try any of them. 
I'm looking for a headphone that I can listen to crystal clear notes whatever the volume is and i want to feel the BASS of metal music, i'm not an expert in headphones I just scratched the surface of this beautiful world so excuse me for lack of specifications. Also i'm looking for a little bit of isolation and I heard that the Grado's leak sound like crazy (not a con IMO) but i live with my roommate in the same room so will the Grado's leak even at low or medium volume? 
Lastly I ask of you audiophile's to help me choose my next headphones and recommend the best option for me, and thank you for reading.
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Read up on the JVC HA-S500.
Here ya go: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/625124
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Grado does it all when it comes to rocks... If not yeah, MDR-V6 or HD439! 
Here's how I would rate them for your situation:
Grado > MDR-V6 > HD439 
Billson :D

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