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What type of Milk do you Drink?

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  1. khaos974

    Farm Fresh is difficult to find but micro-filtered unpasteurized whole milk is just fantastic.
  2. jaykay
    Unsweetened almond milk here. Or if its unavailable then skim milk.
  3. mutabor
    I googled what does Whole Milk mean. Yes 3.2% is what I prefer.
  4. cifani090

    3.25 is what i found [​IMG]
  5. mutabor
    No way!
    3.2% is a golden standard.
  6. cifani090

    Are you not in the U.S. as far as the writing on the carton goes... This is where i got my info.
  7. mutabor
    How can you drink a milk which is 3.25% fat? [​IMG]  It's just not right. 3.2% is perfect.
  8. Head Injury
    I'm partial to 3.194% myself.
    I tried 3.14159%, and the flavor was nice and round, but it just tasted too formulaic.
  9. swat37
    Once I tried whole milk, I could never go back to 2%.
  10. droido256
    Full milk here, none of that milk flavored water for me.
  11. Nik74
    full cows or goats milk but also love almond and oat milk.
  12. droido256
    Almond is good in cereal, cant stand it tho straight up. Havnt tried oat yet, actually didnt even know it existed lol
  13. CoryGillmore
    What a thread full of posers. The only way a man should drink milk is straight from the udder. And real men suck it from the udder in a sexual way. The way Ol ' Bessie (my #1 cow) moos when I'm drinking my fill down there always puts that jealous look in Berthas' eyes (my side cow). Sorry Bertha you'll just have to wait your turn.
  14. droido256
    Hoookayy lol
  15. Kopfkraut
    Common types here are 3.5% and 1.5%. Personally prefer the 3.5%, the low fat ones taste like water in comparison. I bet I could get used to even fattier milk. Fat in milk = flavor, and it's not like those few extra grams of fat a day make a difference, no one downs an entire pack of milk a day.
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