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What type of Milk do you Drink?

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  1. RexAeterna

    active adults need milk as much as kids do. we might stop growing height wise but changes to our body never stops. milk is good for the muscles not cause it have proteins but from the hormones that are in it from the cows that are healthy and are needed for muscle function. also the hormones from cow milk help maintain weight and acts as a fat burner as well.

    for the subject i drink any milk really. i mostly have 2% but prefer whole milk all the time and i drink about few big glasses a day due to since i'm active and do heavy weight training about 2-3 times a week. only milk i never drink is soy ever since that crap is for chicks and taste horrible and soy milk is actually not great for men either since it contains estrogen hormones.
  2. Maxtcc
    2% all the way. For drinking.
    Whole I love for baking.
    1/2 + 1/2 for coffee
    Whipping cream for everything else.
    Personally I don't believe that skim is even really milk.
    My 2%, er $.02.
  3. MorbidToaster
    We've officially started buying 2 gallons per shopping trip in my house as we've started cooking from scratch more. 
    2 gallons of 2% every week and a half or so.
  4. Infoseeker
    Skim milk, it gives me less of a stomach ache.
  5. Draygonn
    Where is the No Milk option.
  6. k00zk0
    Milk is a complex signaling nutritional medicine FOR BABY COWS. No other animal drinks milk past youth, especially of another animal. The amount of calcium present is not necessary for anyone except a growing animal, and contributes to early bone degeneration, compared to less calcium from other sources (which is entirely enough to keep your bones and cellular processes completely saturated with plentiful calcium).
    The protein within creates an allergenic, histamine-releasing peptide called casomorphin. Not all cows have the protein sequence to induce generation of this in your digestive tract, but the ones we source milk from do.
    Having said that, damn it tastes good and there is no reason one can't be happy and healthy with dairy, such as the majority of the population consuming from birth.
  7. Infoseeker
    Casein protein is slow digesting so keeps you satiated for long. Also makes it good for pre-workouts. :D
    Soy milk got 'isoflavons', which your body reacts to like estrogen. However, there isn't not a significant amount for any guy who drinks it daily to worry about.
  8. gloomfish
  9. Silent One
    Raw Whole Milk (farm fresh and fantastic, when available); Whole Milk; 2%; 1% and PET Brand Evaporated Milk. [​IMG]
  10. audiogamma

    Agreed. My son has sinusitis-like symptoms after a glass of raw milk.... we were under the impression that the DP-4 enzyme broke-down the casomorphins, but that doesn't seem to be the case (anecdotally anyway).
  11. Philimon
    Lactose-free, organic milk. Plus soy, almond, and other lactose-free alternatives. 
  12. KimChee
    Soy milk rice dream, lactose intolerant..
  13. Texpect
    Fatless, lactosefree. Litre a day.
  14. Lurkumaural
    Badger milk.  Makes me hella strong and fast and what not.
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  15. Captain Kracker


    F-ing hilarious!
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