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What type of Milk do you Drink?

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  1. cifani090
    Personal challenge with myself and my mom, i rather drink whole milk (better quality, just drink less of it), and my mom likes Half percent. My stupid brother likes skim milk, but whatever, its disgusting to cook with.
  2. LFF
    My wife has been on a serious health food kick so I am currently consuming Almond Milk.
    Honestly...it's not bad at all.
  3. Anaxilus
    Breast milk is whole right?
  4. MorbidToaster
    I was raised with my father drinking Whole Milk, and my mother drinking none at all. 
    I drank a lot of Whole as a kid, but stopped altogether for years. My parents weren't sure why. I then tried Skim milk and rediscovered my love for milk. After drinking Skim for years I stopped once again. 
    I now drink around a gallon to a gallon and a half of 2% a week. I have a feeling this is where I'll settle. I used to get poked fun at by my friends and family for drinking Skim...and now I understand why. It really does taste like water. 
    tl;dr - 2% (and lots of it)
  5. fatcat28037 Contributor


    X2 on the almond milk. We've been using it exclusively for about a year. It tastes good, more like milk that Almonds IMO.
  6. I always drank skim until my nutritionist insisted that I switch to whole.  Whole milk, yogurt, cream cheese, butter.  Don't eat or drink that much dairy anyway, but when I do, I go whole.
  7. beerguy0
    Lately, we've been buying whole milk, which I love. I can deal with 2%, but that's it. Anything less tastes like water.
    (I've been known to touch up 2% milk with a bit of half-and-half on cereal, or for cooking when I want real milk.)
  8. balderon Contributor
    I have transitioned to Fat Free.
  9. sphinxvc
    Usually 2% organic.  And when visiting my sister raw milk straight from the farm. 
  10. warubozu
    Haven't drank milk in years because I'm lactose intolerant. When I was younger, I used to drink whole milk.
  11. logwed
    At home I've always had skim milk, on campus I drink 2%. Honestly doesn't really matter to me unless it's whole milk, which I find disgusting.
  12. Spareribs
    None. IMO, adults should not be drinking milk except occasionally. Milk is really for children. That said, on rare occasion I do enjoy a cold glass of whole milk, preferably from a local farm. I am also an advocate of raw milk usage such as raw milk cheese which could spark debate but all in all, despite the controversies, I am for it.
  13. logwed


    Why shouldn't adults drink milk?
  14. Happy Camper
    None. I've grown lactose intolerant. Sad because I loved a glass of chocolate milk and toast with butter and sugar/cinnamon as a kid.
  15. jjinh
    I just buy low fat milk, usually skim, but it doesnt really bother me.
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