What Speakers Do You Own?
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Snell Type KII
Description: Two-way, sealed-box, stand-mounted, dynamic loudspeaker. Driver complement: one 8" polypropylene-cone woofer, one 1" treated textile-dome tweeter. Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz, third-order slopes. Frequency response (measured in an anechoic chamber and corrected for half-space): 70–20kHz ±2dB. Sensitivity: 90dB 1W/1m (anechoic). Recommended amplifier power: 10–100W. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms.
Dimensions: 11" W by 18" H by 9" D. Shipping weight: 52 lbs/pair.
Finishes available: matched grain, hand-sanded and -oiled pairs in oak or walnut veneers, or black-finished veneer, with black grille cloth.
Price: $465/pair (1991); no longer available (2007). Approximate number of dealers: 100.
Manufacturer: Snell Acoustics, 300 Jubilee Drive, PO Box 3717, Peabody, MA 01961-3717.  
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i have a pair of B&Wi DM 220s that my dad gave me a while back
they serve me more than well enough for now
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Just picked up some Insignia Bass Reflex NS B2111 bookshelf speakers at Best Buy. Fantastic sound for only 39.99 eventhough they were advertised as 59.99 online. Tight balanced bass with buetiful clear treble. Dare i say they are as detailed as headphones. Glad there was a Home Depot that sold shopping carts downstairs in the mall cause these babies are heavy for bookshelfs and no way i was gonna carry them by hand all the way home

So far they deliever excellent sound in all music genres as long as the source is of good quality which the Insignia NS B2111 will let you know in the most embarassing ways

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I recently moved and we had a spare room. We made it an audio room. First I was looking for some 2nd handed bookshelve speakers, but ended up buying a set of speakers I always loved at a good friend's place: Phonar P20
I prefer these a lot over the B&W DM603's that I used for over a decade. I've always been unhappy about the blanket over the sound these speakers have. They have a good (but too much) bass presence, but lack in dynamics and resolution, something P20's does significantly better on my opinion.

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Going on two years with my YG Acoustics Carmels, and a pr. of JL Audio F110 subwoofers. Driven by BAT REX monoblocks the sound is very good.
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I have Pioneer's Andrew Jones value line speakers in my 5.1 setup:
Pioneer SP-BS21-LR Pair (Surround speakers)
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR Pair (Front L/R speakers)
Pioneer SP-C21 (Center Channel)
Pioneer SW-8 Subwoofer
Too lazy to post pictures...

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