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What song drops the deepest bass?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jahn, Jan 2, 2005.
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  1. Michael Hartvig
    Did not see any mentions of James Blakes - Limit to your love

    Its on youtube, but the mpeg compression pretty much kills the sub "inaudible" information.... Try getting it some other way, and get impressed --- or sorry about your equipment :wink:
  2. highendhifi
  3. Sylmar

    A lot of Gusgus songs really have lovely deep bass.
  4. waynehead
    Hey guys I'm new here so won't be posting links but I've been a certified bass audiophile all my life. My good friend and I have been exploring soundcloud for the past year searching for the lowest cleanest bass lines and I can tell you I'm constantly finding new stuff. Hope some of you guys like to get weird...

    Toadface - Antidote
    Space Jesus - Jafars Pipedream
    Jarvis - Whiteout
    To name a few specific songs of normal length.

    I listen to many mixtapes and have some playlists on soundcloud. I'll list some other artists that I've enjoyed...

    Levitation Jones
    Digital ethos
    Hipesoup .... The e is a pi symbol
    G Jones
    Bassnectar... Who knew
    Secret recipe
    Elevated mind
    Boogie t
    Choppa dunks
    Dirt monkey
    Um... Yeah that's a real producer

    And the super deepness
    Phatty billows
    Myxed up
    Cut rugs
    Digital ethos

    Some very bass centered edm that isnt necessarily the lowest

    There's so much out there that I get overwhelmed. Hopefully I can post a link to some playlists I have on soundcloud. Hope some people can enjoy some of this. I'm not sure most of you will even call it music but I appreciate all of it. I also listen to more traditional music. I love most of it actually, but this is a basshead thread. Let the wobbles commence!

    Also I need to say that the nicest pair of headphones I have right now is a pair of klipsch s4i earbuds but I am researching to get into so cans. I do all of my listening in my living room and have a very suprising stereo set up here. My bass duties are handled by a Boston acoustic spg555 in a 8 cu ft box tuned to 16Hz so I know about the low stuff. Glad to have found this place because I don't know how much more bass my house can handle and I want to get my fix without bothering everyone in my radius
  5. wink

  6. Coop
    Tons of electronic music suggestions here, but do any of you know some metal/rock/classical tunes with insane deep bass? 
  7. WoodyLuvr
    Both have extended sub 100Hz domination...
    Strauss' "Also sprach Zarathustra", Op. 30: 1. Einleitung, oder Sonnenaufgan (Reiner & CSO; 1954)
    Holst's "The Planets", Op. 32: 1. Mars, The Bringer of War (Dutoit & OSM; 1987  or... Boult & LPO; 1978) 
  8. winther
    For a brutal bass line, nothing beats this. Sounds insane on my Bluedio UFO Plus headphones
    Also check out
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  9. speedyd718
    Back from my car stereo days, Three Six Mafia - Late Night Tip. Has a extremely low bass note. You won't even hear it on some systems.
  10. wink


  11. SaturnVuk
    Marillion - Heart of Lothian​ from 1:00 into the track ! especially equalized towards the bass !!!
  12. cskippy
  13. SaturnVuk

    This is my No1 for bass atm....
  14. SaturnVuk

    ​Yea that 1track is the obly one that played, but really kicks ass......my akg k92 are still hanging in there :) ( I had to drive them through my amp though I was getting loads of crackles and distortion just through the standard pc jack, must have been underpowered !!!
  15. musiclvr
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