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What Size Olive's should I try? Small Tri-Flange Etymotic User.

  1. chrislangley4253
    Hi guys,
    I'd like to get an idea whether I want to buy medium or small Olives.. I use the smaller triple flange for the MC5's and the smallest eartip sizes for my maximo iM-590's and skullcandy iem's. (makes me want to buy the small ones, but I see a lot of people saying to get mediums and I don't know how deep i should be looking to insert these). I find the gliders surprisingly comfortable, but the sq on them isn't great and I don't predict them lasting too long.
    Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  2. BrianMB
    From my personal wearing, I've been using the large Ety tri-flange, and I picked up the medium Shure Olives. For me they seem to fit about the same as the large. I've also been able to insert them just as deeply as the tri-flange when wearing my hf3s.
  3. chrislangley4253
    Hmm.. I think I've found someone willing to send me a set of small ones, so I can give them a shot. I'll update accordingly.
  4. BrianMB
    Right on! Best of luck trying the smalls.
  5. chrislangley4253


    Sorry I forgot to update, but I don't think anyone was really hanging on my results.. For future reference I'm finding the small olives to work fantastically for my ears. So, to sum it up, I found the small tri-flange a bit big, but usable and the small olives perfect and I can insert them deeply like the tri-flange. I get better sound and isolation from them.
  6. kmhaynes
    If you use the small blue/gray Ety tips, then the small Olives will fit you fine.  I also used the small Ety tips before getting the Olives -- the larger white ones would go in, but for much longer than 10-15 minutes.  The small Olives fit me snuggly and very comfortably, for hours.  I got mine from Sweetwater.com.
  7. chrislangley4253


    Yeah, I could hardly even get the white tips in.. they were extremely uncomfortable and in all honesty I found even the blue tips a bit too large, but the small olives work fantastically. 

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