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What is YOUR Myers-Briggs personality?

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  1. clarinetman
    I recently stumbled upon this test, and I find it very interesting. You may take it here:

    Personality test based on Jung - Myers-Briggs typology

    Once you've taken the test or if you already know your result, please post it. I'm curious to see what the most common personality type on Head-Fi is, and also if audio hobbies attract a certain type of person.

    I'll start: INTJ. [​IMG]
  2. earthpeople
    I have a friend who's really into this kind of stuff, and he says I'm likely ISTJ.

    [edit: We've been good friends for a while, so I trust his thoughts on this. I've also taken several of these tests because he was curious, I don't remember what I got on them though]
  3. El_Doug Contributor
    INTJ, according to this online test - I've never had a real one administered
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Another INTJ here. I've taken several online tests, but never professionally administered.

    I have a feeling a lot of similar results will show up here.
  5. Philimon
  6. feh1325
  7. jpelg
  8. Slash47
    Cool test!

    - INTP
  9. kunalraiker

    You are:
    distinctively expressed introvert
    moderately expressed sensing personality
    moderately expressed feeling personality
    slightly expressed judging personality
  10. tuoppi
    INTP. The description is spot on too.
  11. Ttvetjanu

    I guess I'm the first extrovert person here.
  12. Quinto
    If you find this interesting you might want to read Carl Jung's Psychological Types, real eyeopener, for me anyway


    very expressed introvert

    slightly expressed intuitive personality

    moderately expressed thinking personality

    slightly expressed judging personality
  13. Anthony1
    ESTP (Promoter Executor)
  14. rawrster

    I took this when I was in college for some class but I can't remember where I put it or what I got
  15. ecclesand Contributor
    ISTJ here. I hate people.[​IMG]
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