What is your favorite video game?
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I just hope they have taken NOTHING from the WoW franchise and blended it with diablo.
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I just hope they have taken NOTHING from the WoW franchise and blended it with diablo.
I'm not sure what you're referring to.
However it is basically D2 1.14d with a new graphics overlay, Bug fixes, Controller Support and some little QoL (extra stash, shared stash, Auto Gold pickup)

The graphics and gold pick up can even be disabled on the fly.

No Balance changes, no new content, true to the original.

About half of the Fans requested new content, so let's see what the future brings but on Release it will be very faithful to the original

Savegames from Original D2 can also be imported.
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Diablo boss in 3 was a walk along the beach. Diablo boss in 2 was a walk in death valley. I had never managed to beat him (or her).
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4-way tie:

Saturn Bomberman
SF3: 3rd Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Tetris 99 Big Block
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Red Dead Redemption 2
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Crysis 2/3

Halo CE is also great but it's quite painful for a player like me with literally no sense of direction to play through, In the mission to rescue Keyes in Covenant's ship, I don't even know where am I heading and what am I doing sometimes lolz
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My favorite game has always been GTA . Almost all parts. But a separate preference I give SAMP. Because I spent almost all my youth in this game. Played in it about. Now I switched to GTA 5 Online. True, I had to check for new broadband deals to save . Because I have a very weak internet I had. I couldn't connect at all. And now I'm playing GTA 5 RP. Almost always play.
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Once I decided to seriously take on challenges of SoulsBorne and Sekiro games, my outlook on 3D gaming became much more positive (Gameplay was really lacking in the modern 1st person shooter, 3D era). Also, my standards of gameplay mechanics went up. Combat mechanics must be well designed or I won't enjoy it now. I'm now into games that require gamer to think and develop good amount of skills, and simple button mashing games are not fun anymore. Basically, not a casual gamer anymore. Games need to make me have a sense of accomplishment or they are just empty games. Games feel much more satisfying this way.

Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro are the best modern games there is. I can't wait for Elden Ring.
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1. Final fantasy VI

Call of Duty 4: MW ( XBox 360 not the remake)
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
No One Lives Forever 2 (PC)

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