What is a Healthy & Tasty Snack?
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Aug 27, 2006
I'm looking for something to snack on at my desk while I'm at work. I don't want it to ruin me though. I've been chomping on a can of mixed nuts (well, not the can, the nuts) for the last couple days and just realized how much fat is in them. So, I'm looking for something to munch on that's pretty healthy while I'm working on a computer....suggestions? I'd also prefer it to be filling as well...not a must though.
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Sugar free gum. Gram Crackers w/ peanutbutter. Carrot sticks. Fruit in general (apples and bananas are pretty easy to eat while working). Ummmmm yeah thats about all I've got right now
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Raisins, blueberries, carrots. Nuts are actually not that bad provided you don't eat too many of them and stay away from salted ones. The best are probably walnuts and natural (unroasted) almonds.
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unbuttered and unsalted popcorn is Da'bomb. It keeps a long time too...and is stupid cheap.

Truth. I lost 30 pounds over the last year or so, and I found popcorn is about the best thing to eat. I also found that adding different seasonings to popcorn helps out with the monotony of eating just popcorn for snacks.

I love spicy stuff in particular, so I usually drop a bunch of Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Sauce into a freshly popped bag and shake it before I eat it. Garlic/Chili powder/other spices work well too.
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Stick with natural, high fibre and low glycaemic index. Avoid a salt load.

Crudites of carrot, cellery, capsicum. Make dipping sauces from tabasco and Frenches mustard.

Oilves, whole, black and green.

Nuts, not salted

Dried figs, appricots.

Rice crackers or high fibre scandinavian cracker breads, buy the type which has no added salt.

Drink plenty of fluids, use no added sugar fruit dilute drinks to make water more appealing. Only drink diet sodas if you must have a soda. A better way is to add a no suagr dilute to a sparkling mineral water, and any brand will do, but watch out for those with a high salt load.

The type of fat in nuts is not going to kill you, but the salt might. Avoid snacking on grapes, apples and any other glucose/fructose rich sugar containing fruits. These will keep triggering insulin release and keep your body from using stored glycogen and fatty acids to maintain your blood sugar. Insulin is anabolic and will make you fat.

If you work at a desk, always use the stairs. Never use a restroom on the same floor, use one 2 floors away (esp if you are going to do a smelly one)
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Originally Posted by Aardvarks /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Never use a restroom on the same floor, use one 2 floors away (esp if you are going to do a smelly one)

Good common sense, or just interdepartmental warfare tactics??
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Off the top of my head...

Baby cut carrots, frozen fruit (Europe's best is great, and takes a long time to eat when frozen), shrimp w/horseradish sauce, cucumber/cauliflower/cherry tomatos/broccoli with plain yogurt based dip (add onions, garlic, cumin, etc), low-sodium onion soup w/thin bread and cheese on top (can be done under 250 calories.. use skim milk provalogne/mozarella).
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True, many nuts have "good" fats, and are great in moderation.
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I know, I know. Unsalted, raw almonds are much healthier, but these things taste delicious. I don't work for Blue Diamond. Just a happy customer.

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My suggestion would be a protein shake, with milk (low fat). Chug down 12-16 ounces, with flavor of your choice, and you'll be good for many hours (well, at least 2-4). It'll definitely curb your hunger.

Off to get mine from the frig...
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Good ol' carrot sticks and celery. Popcorn and nuts. It's "the way". The best part is you can flavour them healthily and easily on your own. Yogourt and sour cream (low fat if needed - I don't concern myself with that, but I hardly use any dip per stick) season wonderfully with simple, healthy ingredients like fresh or powdered garlic, chives, etc. Just be prepared to let it sit for a day to soak up the flavour. With popcorn (and to some degree unsalted nuts), you can season them easily and without salt by using flavourful ingredients like cayenne, chili powder or even a touch of parmesan (salt and fat, I know) cheese. A little goes a very long way.

Also, natural dried fruits are tops. Raisins, dried blueberries and cranberries, and apricots are loaded with fibre and are delicious. They also mix perfectly with unsalted nuts.

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