What headphones to buy
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Aug 2, 2013
I want a pair of headphones that:
- blow away the Shure SE535 
- amazing soundstage
- amazing details in the bass, mid and highs
- not difficult to drive. 
- very comfortable to wear.
- Excellent quality bass ( clean, tight and responsive bass. I'm not looking for bass monsters though )
- Can be open or closed, because on the go I'll be using the Shure SE535.

What headphones should I buy? 
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V-Moda M100, they attend to every item on your list but the mids they are a little recessed. Great sound quality, closed cans and look awesome.
The m100 doesnt need an amp and are easy to drive from an iPod or iPhone....
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Missing the price point in your list, I think HE500 fits your list imo
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M100 does not have amazing mids and highs
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I don't have a budget in mind. But I prefer to keep it below $1000.
How are the Shure SRH1840 for example?
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it would fit most of your list, good soundstage, great mids and highs and easy to drive. It is my go to headphones when studying since it is very light and comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. The bass will be a bit lacking if you are used to headphones that represent bass better such as HE500 otherwise it won't be noticeable.
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What about the AKG Q701? It needs amping, but it is a GREAT NEUTRAL headphone.
I guess it is the best I can think for now, if I have any other idea I wikl post here ASAP
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Sony MDR-MA900 (some say it's on the level of the HD600 and 650, but each to their own ears). HE-500 if you can afford it. HD650 and HD600 are commonly suggested.
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  I don't have a budget in mind. But I prefer to keep it below $1000.
How are the Shure SRH1840 for example?

In my opinion the Shure 1840 are not worth the price. To me they not as clear and transparent as I'd hope. I found them a bit bass light. Sound stage was not all that large. Just my preference. I've heard some people who swear by them however.
The Hifiman HE-500 is probably the go for anything under a grand if you can budget an amp for it as well. The mids are fantastic and the bass extends very very well. Planar bass is amazing in many ways, they go well down the lower hz. But they are not basshead cans by any means. The treble is pretty smooth and never fatiguing for me. Very detailed with great imaging to match. Alas there is a bit of a upper mid dip, but not that major for me. The soundstage however is not massive compared to some other top end models. You also need to a think of a powerful amp so that may put it beyond your budgeting. Some complain of it being uncomfortable due to weight.
However on terms of value the Q701, DT 880 and HD600 can definitely be thrown up for discussion.
The DT880 has a large soundstage, fairly neutral and has reasonably high detail. Good all round headphone. Fantastic value for money. Not the hardest to amp. Only trouble is some find that one a little bit bright. Bass depends on what you think is amazing. Comfort is very good.
I'm sure someone more qualified will explain their experiences with the Q701. Same goes for Sony MA900.
Heck you could even consider the HE-400 if you can't amp the HE-500, however the mids are a bit recessed in parts.

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