What book are you reading right now?
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I have just taken delivery of 'Molesworth rites again', written by Simon Brett and illustrated by Willie Rushton.
I'm a bit nervous about starting it, in case it falls too far short of the Willans/Searle original books.
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Surprisingly interesting work of fiction by the author of "The Jesuits" which I also recommend but which is not fiction.  
For those who have any interest in such things I highly recommend "The Jesuits" in order to understand the latest Pope and his general philosophy which is what the book addresses; mainly Jesuit priests from South America.  
Malachi Martin was a former Jesuit priest who left the congregation after realizing that the philosophy instilled by the founder of the Order, Ignatius Loyola, took a gradual 180 degree change & has become a global socialist movement which opposes the Pope and the Catholic church's basic philosophy as it pertains to the world as a whole.
Malachi Martin passed away in 1999.
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Currently trying to absorb Goya's "The Disasters of War" - a series of prints depicting atrocities on the Iberian peninsula during the Napoleonic wars.
The prints are pretty eerie - in their form, they sometimes look almost like modern war reportage photography; dead children, beheadings, the occasional stabbing, bloated corpses - but at the same time, incredibly beautiful and a very poignant reminder that we (as a species) have always been pretty good at being terrible to each other.

I'll freely admit I only have a pretty superficial knowledge of those events, so the Mark MacDonald commentary volume is most useful. (No, not Mark MacDonald the nutritionist; Mark MacDonald, then curator at the British Museum...)
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All of the books I read are business related. The last 2 were Built to Sell and then Ready Fire Aim. Both are great books, both aim you in different directions but the common topic is you have to learn how to sell. Selling is priority in any small business.
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