What are your "old favorite" headphones?
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Jul 4, 2002
I live in the midrange!
So I'm interested in hearing from other folks re) that set of headphones that occupies a special place in your equipment inventory. You know...the cans that you just can't bring yourself to sell (or for that matter pitch!!) because it would be like putting your dog to sleep.

For me, it's the AKG K-240M...I use them in my work rig now. These cans helped me to understand what hi-fi audio was all about...and that was with a headphone jack on my old NAD preamp!! I only recently replaced them as my main headphones in my home rig, and although I'm sure that I could sell them, I just can't bring myself to do so. I had them at home the other day, and I really enjoyed giving them a spin in my home system again. At least they are continuing to provide me with a pleasing audio experience at work. In fact - given that I listen to music about 8 hours/ day at work - I'm probably getting better use out of them now than I was before.

Sort of like putting a good horse out to stud, I guess...

How about the rest of you....???

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Sony MDR-V6.
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I would say the Grado SR-60 that i got after reading an IGN review, but i sold them to encourage others to get interested in Hi-Fi
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Please don't singe me...

But my first step up from the world of crappy stock headphones and into the world of headphones would be the Sony MDR-V100. It was a wintery day when I first tried on my brother's headphones... the ones I thought someone would be insane to spend $30 on. And then I realized that the music I listened to actually had *gasp* bass and what's this? Details I couldn't hear on my speakers?! I went out an bought myself a pair, and I listened to those whilst going to sleep over the next 8 years (I picked them up back when I was 13 or so). Now I have been reintroduced to how good music can sound over *really* good headphones... and despite the V100s sounding pretty crappy now, I will never sell them because they have too much nostalgia assosciated with them. I wonder if one day my Senn HD-600s will sound like crap to me...
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Originally posted by LobsterSan
I wonder if one day my Senn HD-600s will sound like crap to me...

We should all live so long!!

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DT770's -- I still listen to them all the time, even the old 600 ohm version.
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Gotta agree with JMT. Senn MX500s. Even though I use ksc-35s portably(is that a word?), I just can't bring myself to get rid of the mx500s. They were my entrance into this world!
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My old pair of Sennheiser HD424s from the earlier eighties still sound pretty good, despite having no low end whatsoever. They are very open and detailed, and easy to drive.
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My Senn HD565 - had it for roughly 3 years and it's served me well. Although after recent events I may have to relegate them to light duty after I (hopefully) fix them.

So right now I'm looking for my next main listening phone. Since I liked the sound of the 565 quite a bit, I could just go with the logical next step and get an HD580 or HD600...but those darn AT's are oh so intriguing!

[size=xx-small]Late at night I get awfully close to convincing myself to fork out the dough and go for the A100Ti or even the W100. From all the reviews I've read, I'm positive I would like them. But my money-saving conscience stops me every time.[/size] :\
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Senn HD-414.
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I didn't sell it and I didn't offer it, it was cruelly wrested from me - but I'm probably getting it back soon.
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The only headphones I own, now
I've owned - and gotten rid of - some much more expensive 'phones over the last 3 years. The KSC-35 is the only one that's never let me down. Perfect everywhere, or even anywhere? Nah. But it wins on intangibles.

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