What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Chick Corea - Trilogy.png
Song composed by Harry Warren and Mort Dixon.

Guest artists: Nino Josele on guitar and Jorge Pardo on flute.

Song composed by Thelonious Monk.

A wonderful piano trio from 2013. Christian McBride on bass and Brian Blade
on drums. HD800 = :)
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2023 - Recorded in 1960, "Sunny Side Up" features alto master Lou Donaldson paired with a fine cadre of up-and-coming sidemen. In particular, trumpeter Bill Hardman and pianist Duke Pearson contribute a healthy dose of soul to the arrangements, which, combined with rock solid drumming from Al Harewood and tight bass work from Sam Jones and Laymon Jackson, are highlights of this particularly fine album. Tracks include originals by Donaldson ( The Truth, Goose Grease ), pianist Horace Parlan ( Blues for JP ) and Hardman ( Politely ).
This is a very high quality remaster of the highest quality, one of the best I have ever heard - dynamic's to prize ! :thumbsup: :sunglasses:

Lou Donaldson - I actually listened to your YouTube clip all the way through. Not bad at all. I may actually pick up a copy. Thanks for posting.
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country and bluegrass is very much alive in 2024 :raised_hands:

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Interesting...is this new generation? Cool :)

Yes. Lily is a bit more main stream but the rest are all new soul acts with an old soul sound. My music path was I got heavy into 70s Soul/Funk with Curtis Mayfield and others around 2010-2014 which lead into discovering new wave soul bands with heavy 60/70s soul influences like Monophonics, Kendra Morris, Durand Jones, Curtis Harding, Oregon, among many others. That is pretty much the musical rabbit hole I have been on for the last five years.

Most of the 2000s I was on a heavy trip-hop, lounge quest. Kind of a natural progression really.
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Most of the 2000s I was on a heavy trip-hop, lounge quest. Kind of a natural progression really.
I always love discovering new artists (but good) that I can listen to.
Yup, this is a completely new gang for me. They sound like oldies, who would say?
The most I liked of these three was Jalen Ngonda...I will check him more for sure. And the names you mentioned.


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