What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe Vol. 2.png
Just released last week! Produced by Josh Smith in place of Caveman Shirley,
a first for Joe. Josh and Kirk Fletcher also play guitars on the album, with Reese
Wynans on the keys.

Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Now.png
A 2020 remake (replay & resing) of Joe's first album from 2000.

Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades of Blue.png
One of my favorites, from 2014, in honor of an old coworker whose gold
digging wife just divorced him. Damn it.

Finally getting the Audez'e LCD-4 back on my head after a long, hot summer.
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Nantucket Sleighride was used for intro of a current affairs TV show in the 80s. Possibly some UK people can relate - I just remember watching the intro to the show as a kid and liking it so much that it made me think 'current affairs' was cool.

I always stopped to listen to that intro, years later as a teen I found the song.

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