What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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This is currently My play list I listen to most often. Just me, or is this a VERY broad range of genres that I listen too?
Pompeii- Bastille
In the end- Linkin Park
What I've done- Linkin park
Haven't Met You Yet- Michael Buble
Viva la Vida- Coldplay
Violet Hill-Coldplay
Life In technicolor II- Coldplay
The Spark- Afrojack
Feel So Close- Calvin harris
We found love- Calvin Harris
Bullseye- Kdrew (This is a a great artist, he's not very big yet, but his tracks are awesome)
Last Train to Paradise- Kdrew
Live for the night- Krewella
We Go Down- Krewella
Come and get it- Krewella
Emjoy the ride, Krewella
We are one- Krewella
Pass the love around- Krewella
Ring of fire- Krewella
Human- krewella
Killin' It- Krewella
Ism- Savant
Starfish- Savant
Redline (Radio edit)- Wolfgang Gartner
Illmerica- Wolfgang Gartner
Eurodancer- DJ Mangoo
Fireflies- Owl City
Hurricane- Athlete
Tokyo- Athlete
El Salvador- Athlete
You got the style- Athlete
Brun- Ellie Goulding
Goodness gracious- Elli Goulding
Paradise- Coldplay
Charlie Brown- Coldplay
Every teardrop is a waterfall- Coldplay
Uprising- Muse
Nightmare night- WoodenToaster
This will be the day- Jeff Williams (Another very talented artist who isn't big, but still amazing)
Red like Roses- Jeff Williams
Mirror Mirror- Jeff Williams
From Shadows- Jeff Williams
I Burn- Jeff Williams
Gold- Jeff Williams
I may fall- Jeff Williams
Red like roses pt.II- Jeff Williams
Wings- Jeff William
Everything- Michael Buble
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Memphis May Fire - Unconditional
Their new album is so great in my opinion. I have been on an MMF craze as of recent, if you will. Though I must speak out on this and I hope they do find a better approach to their sound reproduction in their next record. The album is essentially phenomenal musically, but the album's mastering is horrible and definitely contributes to the loudness war. I really wish they could fix this in their next record or perhaps one day remaster this new one. Despite that flaw, I am absolutely in love with this record and it hasn't even been out anymore than a week. :)
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Playing an old vinyl LP I bought a long long time ago. Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins -- Musical Album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. (1968)

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The Baseball Project - 3rd (2014)
After listening to The Baseball Project, I took a left turn, and now I'm listening to this:

Still listening to records, so I'm still updating my post. Now I'm listening to this:

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How do you like this one compared to other work (like maybe The Sun Don't Lie)?  Love that CD................

I'm not familiar with Marcus Miller's work. It was the first time I listened this one to be honest. I really appreciated it despite the fact I don't usually like the mix between jazz musicians and strings but I need more listening time to be able to give a valuable feedback :wink:.  The marcus miller album I listened mostly is this one :

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