What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Verdi, liber Scriptus from the excellent LSO live recording
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Chicago Transit Authority's self titled album from 1969 later known as the band Chicago, "Beginnings" is playing. Glorious rhythm section in the end, killer groove. Followed by "Liberation", a long jam session like track. On of the best pieces of music from the sixties in my opinion, this band really had fun. 
Set up: CD690 + AU-217 I + DT48E 
Update: Björk's track "Hyperballad" from the album "Post" is playing. The set up is unchanged. It is hard to find words for the beauty the DT48 can display...
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the two disc version is one of my all time favorites
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Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight (vinyl LP circa 1971)
If you've never heard this gem of an album you're really missing out on something special...

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It has like 6 songs on it....I'm checking it out so far so good.

If you want more, check out The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions.

My favorites are We Want Miles and Tutu, both are a bit off of the radar for most folks 


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