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Early Morning Blues

“The fact that one of the best acoustic blues albums of the year comes from three white boys from Maryland might surprise you—that is, until you realize that it’s the return of the Blue Rider Trio, who kicked up a lot of **** out of nowhere with their 1992 release Preachin’ the Blues...” raves Blues Revue. That out-of-print debut became a treasure among both hard-core blues fans and audiophile connoisseurs. Early Morning Blues joins this collectors’ jewel with the Trio’s final and arguably best album. On that last session, Ben Andrew’s voice and wailing guitar have gained a seared-by-life bluesiness; Mark Wenner’s moaning harmonica cuts even deeper; and Jeff Sarli’s slap bass adds layers of subtlety to his knock-you-down drive. The rich vocal detail, intense dynamics, and three-dimensional overtones add extra excitement and authenticity to this tasty collection of Chicago, Delta, and Texas acoustic blues. The Absolute Sound was unambiguous: “This is as close to live as I’ve heard a recorded trio get...I dare you not to fall in love with this uniquely American music and this firecracker performance.

Ben Andrews, Vocals & Guitar
Jeff Sarli, Bass
Mark Wenner, Harmonica

DISC 1: Preachin' The Blues

1.Preachin’ Blues (E.House) 4:19
2.Stomp Down Rider (W.McTell) 4:40
3.Gallow’s Pole (traditional) 4:30
4.Blue Goose Blues (J.Thomas) 2:55
Early Morning Blues (A.Blake) 5:03
6.Cincinnati Rag (W.McTell) 4:00
7.Payday (J.Hurt) 6:15
8.Walkin’ Blues (E.House) 3:30
9.Georgia Rag (W.McTell) 2:48
10.Freight Train Boogie (B.Andrews) 3:45
11.Statesboro Blues (W.McTell) 3:55
12.She Don’t Do Me Wrong (B.Andrews) 4:25

DISC 2: Harp, Steel & Guts

1.Salty Dog Blues (C.Jackson) 2:43
2.Easy Rider (B.Andrews) 4:02
3.The Last Fair Deal Goin’ Down (R.Johnson) 3:43
4.Death (Don’t) Have No Mercy (G.Davis) 4:22
5.Ride Till I Die (J.Hooker) 4:29
6.Make Me Down A Pallet* (traditional) 3:34
7.Black Betty (H.Ledbetter) 3:05
8.Stackolee (traditional) 4:10
9.Kokomo Blues (K.Arnold) 2:48
10.Silver City Bound (H.Ledbetter) 3:51
11.Long Tall Momma (W.Bronzy) 2:26
12.CC Rider (traditional) 2:47
13.Diddie Wah Diddie (A.Blake) 2:49

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The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album

Had it on CD for years, finally scored the vinyl. Just awesome in every way.
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Originally Posted by whaleyboy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album

Had it on CD for years, finally scored the vinyl. Just awesome in every way.

Wow... I'd love to listen to that...

In the meantime I'm listening to some vinyl too!

The Beatles - "Past Masters vols. 1 & 2"


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