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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. FullBright1

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  2. BobG55

    RS1 w/ buttons > Violectric V100 HPA > JDS Labs Subjective3 > Teac PD-H600
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  3. Redcarmoose
    screenshot_20170509_012122186.png screenshot_20170509_013718938.png
  4. Keputs
  5. whirlwind
    16/44 Flac > KTE Holo Spring L3 > GEL3N > ZMF Ori
  6. RickB
    Electric Moon - The Doomsday Machine (2011)

  7. Jujoe

  8. DLeeWebb Contributor
    VaNMorrison_3CandT_cover-for-web.jpg Bill Frisell-Folk.jpg
  9. wht
    20191107_225804.jpg 20191107_225746.jpg
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  10. Whazzzup
  11. taffy2207
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  12. ogarrio
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  13. biosailor
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  14. brink
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  15. alexandros a

    Happy listenings........:new_moon_with_face:

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