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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. Destroysall Contributor
  2. TJ Elite
  3. MorbidToaster

    Best album of 2012.
  4. MpX5
    Mastodon - Leviathan.
  5. MagnaCumLaude
    Bloom by Beach House...Sounds great!
  6. Killashell421
    Good kid m.A.A.d city
  7. jasonb
    To-Mera - Delusions

    Madder Mortem - Where Dream and Day Collide
  8. Silent One
    Been listening to her since she was a 19 year old prodigy from Japan.
  9. Silent One
    I want this![​IMG] Along with her Stanley Clarke trio collaboration on 180 Gram vinyl...
  10. tquickbrownfox
    Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 1 (Winter Daydreams Symphony)
    Sitting by the window. Listening to the second movement. I'm in Canada. There's snow outside. 
    One of the most underrated symphony. That second movement. Karajan's perfect interpretation.
    Also listening to Mahler's first symphony.
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  11. longbowbbs
  12. jasonb
    Joint project with Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Jon Durant. A unique blend of progressive ethno-ambient fusion music, also featuring percussionist Jerry Leake and Geoff Leigh on flute.
    Wow, I need to find more music that sounds like this. Can anybody recommend anything similar to this?  
  13. RUMAY408
    HD Tracks 24/96 
  14. speakerlabfan
    Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy / The Jimi Hendrix Anthology
    (2010, Experience Hendrix) STERLING RJ in the deadwax; mastered by Ray Janos, Sterling Sound
    Listening to record 6.
  15. TrollDragon

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