Westone W40 vs 4R.... worth the extra 130USD?
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Oct 13, 2013
Hello all,
Does the new model worth the extra 130USD? 500$ total.
Anyone had early compares?
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No it's not.  Actually the pricing is kind of backwards.  The W4R seems to have a better material housing and an outstanding well-proven EPIC cable where the new style cable has been average at best across the industry.  Sound is the same between the two according to Westone.
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This is almost what I thought too (reading posts here about the 4R) but I got into thoughts when I read the comments below:
"The W10-20-30-40 took a more linear, more monitoring like approach when compared to the old Westone W series. We all remember how much of a bassy IEM the W3 was. The new line up sort of took the previous generation W4 character and created a whole new line up based on that sound signature. The W40 itself felt more lively, spacious and dynamic — that was the pitfall of the W4 — when compared to the W4. The faceplates are now removable too, so you can use a combination of red-blue-black like on the picture."
But I think you are right!
EDIT: spelling :)
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For what it's worth, I contacted them regarding the difference between the W10 and W1 and they said this:
" Their drivers will be configured the same, the changes are mostly cosmetic."
Not sure if this applies to the other models.
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the w4r imo as far as cosmetic are better than the w40, the w40 use the mmcx connector, the w4r use the 2 pin connectors...sound is the same per westone. so imo it would be a waste of money if you go with the w40 thats just my opinion.
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Thanks a lot for your help.
You have me some money!
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From what I heard the drivers are set up in a different way, I just asked them to be sure. I don´t think there is a big difference anyway.
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/disables sarcasm

you know you wanna rock those face plates
 i'll accept you either way.
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Something I feel I should contribute briefly: I had monstrous problems with the tube connecting the earpiece with the rest of the earphone snapping off or otherwise becoming damaged. This new series seems to do it better. Just a thought.

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