Westone UM PRO Series Thread

  1. qsk78
    Waiting for the review of the rest of the Um Pro...:wink:
  2. elfary
    It seems that Westone out of warranty service has taken a nose dive.

    Back in 2014 i had an issue with an out of warranty Westone 3 and Westone sent me for free a set of Westone W30s.
    In 2015 i had an issue with an out of warranty set of Westone UM Pro 30s and Westone offered me an upgrade to Westone Pro 50s for just 100$ (Westone even paid the shipping from/to Europe).

    Thus, Westone (dubious) build quality was offset by an awesome oow service.

    If (as of 2017) the oow policy is: go f. yourself... then that's a very important factor to ponder in decision making.

    In the long run i think they are gonna lose (otherwise loyal) customers. Unless they have sorted out their reliability issues (and the oow scenario is far more unlikely than it has been for the last few years).

    Just my 0.02.

    NOTE - I love Westone sound and ergonomics, and i am a customer since 2010.
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  3. BKG22
    Thank you everyone for your view point on out of warranty repair/replacements. Without this direct feedback I am unable to asses and train our customer service team. We will do an internal look at our current processes for OOW issues and update them so we can continue to provide the best service possible in the industry. My apologies to everyone who has dealt with less than world class service and know that we take these reports seriously.

    As for the the UM series, quality and durability was paramount in the redesign of this model. Starting with the MMCX connector. We have redesigned our connector and in doing so have made great strides in correcting flaws previously inherent in the original design. We are very excited about the updates that we have made and look forward to hearing from others as to their impressions.

    As always, if you have a specific issue or concern that you do not feel was adequately addressed by our customer service team I ask that you PM me. Some have and can attest to the fact that I do everything I can to make it right.

    Bottom line is that Westone is committed to providing world class products and services and if you feel that either haven't been met PM me and we will make it right.
  4. jleewachter
    Thanks for the update BKG22; it's good to know that Westone is trying to fix the issues. Honestly, I wouldn't have been so disappointed if I didn't genuinely love the product, but like I said in my previous posts, the UM3X & Pro 30 is literally the only multi-driver iem that I've been able to use that doesn't kill my ears with physical discomfort & sonic-fatigue. It's just heartbreaking that an iem with such potential was plagued by a poor cable connection system. Reading through earlier posts on this thread, I'm starting to discover that the defects in my pair are matching what other users have reported (loose female mmcx sockets along with the signal dropping out on the right side.) Does Westone have any recommendations for things we can do to possibly fix the connection issues if the product is out of warranty? Like I said in another previous post, a drop of deoxit will fix the issue for a day or two, but the audio eventually starts cutting out again.

    I emailed Westone again just to see if there are any updates after they originally told me my only option was to buy a new pair, but havent heard back yet. Let me know if it'd be better to PM you here. Thanks!
  5. BKG22
    I have hear reports that there is a small rubber gasket that can help but I can't find the thread. I believe @twister6 knows what I am talking about.

    I will PM you to see what we can do.
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Yeah, a few people already told me, those o-rings are a lifesaver for older Westone iems with mmcx connectors.

    @javahut discovery is brilliant, he posted pictures of his W-series mod here: https://head-fi.org/threads/westone-w80.821612/page-60#post-13819447, and you can get those little o-rings from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008JBW7ZS/
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  7. jleewachter
  8. DougL
    Does anybody have any hands on experience with the new 2017 UM1s? I've been doing my research, but unfortunately reviews seem to be few and far between. Unlike full-size headphones, there doesn't seem to be many places around where I live where you can audition IEMs, so any insight into how they perform compared to other models in a similar price range would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Did you see UM1 review on headfonics? https://headfonics.com/2017/12/westone-um1-revised-edition-review/
  10. Ryokan
    Um Pro 30 V2's sound brilliant with my Sony ZX300 (intimate, like sitting amongst the musicians) but for Opus#2 much prefer W60 pairing.
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  11. twister6 Contributor
    stock epic 3.5mm or upgraded 4.4mm cable (w/ZX300)?
  12. Ryokan
    Using stock epic cable. Keen to try a balanced cable, but in no hurry as these sound so good.

    I'm really enjoying the Um Pro 30 V2's (even more so than the W60's now) would there be much of a jump with the new 50's in your opinion Twister?
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  13. Arkady Duntov
    Would you summarize the differenews you hear?
  14. qsk78
    UM Pro 30 should be more neutral and balanced among these two, at least in case of a previous generation. Let's see what Twister thinks.
  15. Ryokan
    The W60 are quieter (need more volume) and sound like I'm sitting away from the musicians, whereas with the Um Pro 30's it's like I moved to the front row, the bass is also more accentuated.

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