Westone UM PRO Series Thread

  1. twister6 Contributor
    I got for review the new UM Pro 20/30/50, 10 should be coming in later. Once I have the whole set, will do overall overview of the NEW Um Pro line up (will compare all of them, and probably include w60 and w80). For direct comparison, I'm using Pro 50 since I have old ones with me and don't have to go by memory. Pro 30 I gave to my wife's brother, but I do have AM Pro 30 and took detailed notes comparing AM to UM back when I reveviewed it, so will base my comparison on that, but I can't do it side-by-side. Btw, the new UM Pro shell design is nearly identical to AM Pro shells, being a little wider and flatter, fitting perfectly inside concha area of the ear, totally flush. It takes the comfort of the original bean shape design to the next level.

    New vs Old:

    westone_umpro50_new-14.jpg westone_umpro50_new-15.jpg
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  2. qsk78
    Wondering if there is any sound difference between the old ones (so well known) and new ones.
  3. Slusho
    I ended up getting the W20. After looking at pictures, it looks like they're still smaller than the new UM Pro 20 and I'll take comfort over looks. I also think I did hear a little difference in the sound this time when I was using the foam tips (I tried them last time with the silicone) between the W20, UM Pro 20, and W30. The W30 wasn't big enough of a difference to pay more and get a bigger IEM for me (the size differences the W30+ and new UM Pro is probably comparable), but the W20 might have been a little more V-shaped while still being largely neutral. The bass practically disappears with the silicone tips even when they seem to be sealing so I'll stick with the foam. The MMCX connectors were impossible to remove until I used a rubber jar opener to grip the connector on the cable and then it was easy so that's a pro tip for everyone. I don't get why they made the MFi cable not have the formed wire at the end. I would have like to have in-line controls but the cable moving around against my ears is too annoying. Maybe they'll release a new version of the W series to match the UM Pro series in like a year but I didn't want to wait so oh well.
  4. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, it all comes down to a preference in the fit and the sound. For example, people switch to W-series because they want wider soundstage, UM Pro is still tuned for "stage performance" with a narrow staging. Don't get me wrong, original bean shell design is comfortable, but the new one just fits my ears better.

    Regarding MFI cable, there is no pre-shaped earhook portion, but there is a good solution Westone offers with removable earhooks. These are not like the generic cheap plasticy ones you find with some Chinese budget iems, these are higher quality and with a more ergonomic shape.



  5. Slusho
    Those would definitely be too thick for my likes. And I forgot to mention, since you said before about the soundstage size I listened for it between the W20 and UM Pro 20 and could not hear any difference. If there is any, it wasn't large enough to be noticeable to me or factor into the decision, and Westone doesn't seem to ever suggest this difference.
  6. twister6 Contributor
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  7. jleewachter
    Same problem here. I actually bought a pair of UM3X-RC a few years ago (new, right around the same time they transitioned to the UM Pro 30) that I had to return to Westone due to that pair having the sound go out during the warranty period, and they replaced them with the UM Pro 30. I specifically didn't buy the UM Pro 30 model because I knew about the issues w/ mmcx connectors & wanted to avoid that, but I guess that, when my UM3X died, that's all they were producing. Well, just as I expected, the UM Pro 30 replacement eventually started having audio problems on the right earpiece w/ the signal going in & out. I contacted Westone to see if there was anything they could do, and I got the same response. "Buy a new pair." Nevermind the fact that I didn't want the mmcx version to begin with but had to make due because the original pair quit on me; now they won't even give any kind of assistance w/ the faulty replacement pair they sent, even though I offered to pay for repair. Pretty crappy for such an expensive product. I'm done with Westone.

    I decided to purchase from a company that will actually stick behind their product & will repair the earphones for a cost if something happens post-warranty. Etymotic all the way :wink:
  8. qsk78
    I had a problem with the Um Pro 30 in the past with of the ears - bass driver just died. The pair was replaced by Westone dealer in Moscow for free (I got a brand new pair), that was still under the warranty.
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  9. jleewachter
    I'm 99% sure the problem with my pair is with the female mmcx connector. It's completely random as far as when it does work & when it doesn't. Put I've noticed that, if I apply a drop of deoxit to the connection, it will work fine for about a day or so, but will eventually die again. I've tried everything I can think of to clean that connection just in case there's some oxidation causing the problem, but the problem keeps coming back.

    I really do hate mmcx connectors. Every single pair of iems I've had with that connection has eventually had a channel drop out, and I do NOT abuse my headphones at all. I'd almost rather have fixed cables than this nonsense.
  10. qsk78
    I had such an issue with CA Orion. Agree that mmcx are not reliable. AT made their own A2DC connectors basing on the mmcx - much better contact and durability.
  11. twister6 Contributor
    I assume UM Pro 30 they sent to you as a replacement was 4 years ago, around the time when UM3X-RC was phased out and they introduced UM Pro 30, or maybe it was a little later? They probably looked at replacement date as a "date of purchase". Their policy is still 2 year warranty from the date of purchase and original buyer only. Some companies repair out of warranty, others don't. I know they replace j-clip faceplates for W-series, even if it cracks out of warranty. It also has to do with a fact that last year they redesigned and introduced a new MMCX connector (used in AM Pro, W80, ES80, and all New UM Pro series). So, even out of warranty, I don't know if they can put new connectors into the old shell. They should have explained this to you better. I already mentioned some of this stuff to their new management (Westone went through a number of changes, from ownership to upper management in the last 2 years).

    Just saying cause from my observation of their latest releases, looks like they got their sh!t together with new mmcx connectors.
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  12. jleewachter
    Honestly, I dont remember how many years ago it was. I do know that I bought the UM3X right around the time that they were getting the new UM Pro 30 started. I know that I hadn't had the replacements (um pro 30) they had for very long before the right channel started dying, but if they're going off purchase date of the original UM3X, I'm sure that warranty has long since expired. It's just a shame because I really did love the um3x/pro 30. They were one of the few over-ear iems that fit my ears without hurting (I have small ears :frowning2: ) and were among the smoothest, least fatiguing iems I owned. If it only hadn't been for that damned mmcx connector. :angry:

    I'd be much more willing to pay the $400 for new replacements if I knew that I wouldn't be in this exact same situation 2 years from now with no other option than to buy a third set.
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  13. twister6 Contributor
    oh, I know (regarding mmcx), have you seen UE900 thread two years ago, it was a disaster centered around mmcx connectors, to the point where UE started to include a tube of deoxit as part of their accessories package :)

    Just curious, obviously for small ears (earcanal) a tiny Westone nozzle with small eartips would be ideal. But Ety with their triple-flange deep insertion? I had a pair before, and felt violated sticking them into my ears lol!!!
  14. jleewachter
    It took a little while to get used to them, but the ER4SRs I have now are easily the most comfortable iems I've used. They're much more comfortable than the old ER4P because they redesigned the connectors to the earpieces to be more of a right angle, allowing me to wear them over the ear, and, once they're in, literally the only thing I feel is cable going over the ear, but it's so light, there's no pain at all. The earpieces themselves are so small that they completely avoid touching any part of the outsides of my ears; you just have to get past that insertion depth. Honestly though, that depth is part of what makes them sound so spectacular because the isolation is insane compared to other iems I've used. It's almost like sitting in some kind of sensory deprivation tank & having no other sensation other than the sound of your music.

    What bothered me so much with other iems like the ones by Shure/UE, etc... is the way they'd rest on my outer ear. Since they were multi driver & had that side-profile design, if any part of the iem housings themselves (other than the eartips) were in contact w/ my freakishly small ears, I'd get pain. My UM3X & UM Pro 30's didn't do that, which is part of why I loved them so much. They're the only ones I've used that have that side-profile design (ala custom iems) that didn't hurt my ears.
  15. twister6 Contributor
    And you know what, the new UM Pro design is even better. Just scroll above to my post about UM Pro 50, in my impressions/review I have a side-by-side picture of old and new UM Pro 50 in my ears (the same will be valid for UM Pro 30 too). The shell is wider and flatter, feels even more comfortable. But in your case, probably a good idea to try it before buy it, or get it from a place where you can return it without a hassle if it doesn't fit you well.

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