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Westone UM PRO Series Thread

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  1. xaddictionx
    Seems like Westone is going to announce a new IEM!

    Known as the Westone UM Pro Series!

    You can check the picture out at their Facebook page!

    Also, it seems like there's a new cable and socket implemented for the new series lineup!

    Can't wait for their announcement next week! :)

    Edit: Westone UM Pro series. UM10, UM20, UM30, UM50.








  2. outmywindow
    Wow, I remember being at the Westone booth earlier this year at CES and I remember one of the representatives saying that they were working on something new to be released this year. Obviously they didn't say what the product was going to be, or any specific details, but they did hint that another product was upcoming. Sounds like this is the product that we've been waiting for them to announce this year then! :)


    Purely speculation, but from the photo seen it almost looks like it might be a round socket connector similar to the Shure or new UE connector but I could be totally wrong about that.
  3. xaddictionx
    Yup! That's the picture that was released. It looks to me the connectors are similar to shure and UE.

    Seems like a successor to the UM3X!
  4. jelt2359 Contributor
    How do you know it's a UM3X successor?
  5. xaddictionx
    Pure speculation only. It's stated as the UM Pro series so I'm guessing might be a successor to the UM3X haha.
  6. ubercaffeinated
    Money ready. [​IMG]
  7. xaddictionx
    Westone never disappoints! :)
  8. hkppl
    Great news!
    Waiting for new Westone flagship CIEM tho... [​IMG]
  9. Cecala
    There are now too many new phones coming out. This on the surface might sound like a good thing although many people will check into rehab trying to decide.[​IMG]
  10. davidcotton
    Oh god I hope westone don't go down the shure connector route. One of the many reasons I didn't get/try a 535 was because I loathed the stupid swivel connector on the 215.
  11. tomscy2000
    Bigger Picture.​
    Looks like a single driver model, but since they stated it as the "UM Pro Series", we should assume simultaneous announcements of several models.​
    Unfortunately, those are indeed MMCX connectors, so they use Shure/UE900-compatible cables. This is a definite industry trend. Westone already uses it with their ADV Alpha.​
  12. jelt2359 Contributor
    That's what I was thinking. Single driver- strange choice for a um3x successor..
  13. Macgirl
    I love my UM2's but I sure hope they are working on getting the EPIC Mic cable back on the catalog. Interesting to see where they are headed with this new connection type. They hit it out of the park with their new STAR and TRU-FIT designed tips so maybe it won't hurt too bad but damn, I really hope they aren't abandoning the original pin design.
    The UM line has been needing a refresh for some time so this is exciting...more so for me at least than the ADV series. But this isn't a good time financially!
  14. outmywindow

    Hmm well when you look at the picture closely, you could be right about it being a single driver model. We know that the UM1 colors did away with the braided EPIC cable, perhaps this will be what amounts to essentially a removable cable version of what was the UM1 before the relaunch into the UM1 colors series. Whether or not the driver used is the same as that in the original UM1 / UM1 colors remains to be seen of course, but I would think that it wouldn't hurt to rework the tuning of the single BA driver to better compete against other single BA IEM products that are in the market today.

    Not too thrilled about what looks like the MMCX connectors, but I suppose its popular enough these days for better or for worse. As long as the connection site is made durable enough, there shouldn't be too much of an issue. I still prefer the old two-pin style connector though, never had any problems with it breaking and it was always more comfortable making contacting against the ear compared to the connector housing on the Shure cables that would rub against the ear (at least for me in my experience).
  15. xaddictionx
    Hope they do offer a series of UM lines and introduce a successor to the aging UM3X. From the picture to me it seems more than just a single driver..
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