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Which one was first? 

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1959: Bobby Darin's version of "Mack the Knife" topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Westone starts manufacturing custom-fit earpieces.
1990: MC Hammers' "U Can't Touch This" breaks the top-ten and Westone is the FIRST to use balanced armature drivers in custom-fit earpieces for in-ear musicians' monitors.
1991: Nirvana defines an era and Westone starts working with Rush & Def Leppard to provide custom-fit in-ear musicians' monitors.
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Divide, Colorado is located on Pikes Peak which is where Katharine Bates got the inspiration to write “America the Beautiful”.  Divide, Colorado, in a log cabin, is also where Westone started.
In 1995 Coolio's "Gansta's Paradise" was #1 on the Billboard top 100 and Westone released the first balanced armature DUAL driver earpiece. Just like Montell Jordan's hit song, Westone wanted to let the industry know "This is how we do it".
  In 2008 Westone released their first 3-way universal-fit earpiece. Oddly enough this is the same year Kirsten Haglund was crowned Miss America.  Coincidence? Maybe.   W3? Still some available.
To answer your question , the same time since they were part of the same project.
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