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There are actually 4 balanced armature drivers in the W40 per Westone website. 4 x 0.66g = 2.64g
The Quad-Driver Westone W40 earphone will take your listening experience to an entirely new level. Four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity and realism. Westone’s True-Fit technology provides superior ergonomics and comfort.
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Ah man, did all the research needed for the correct answers only to read the rules.....should have known. Booerns!

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Have any pics you want to post?

Of my 1ts? Sure http://www.head-fi.org/t/763214/selling-trading-inventory-for-a-good-d-a-c-all-offers-welcome-price-drop 
Sorry for the ad link but they're the last two pictures *I'll edit when I get home and upload them here but I'm at work currently*

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