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Watches - another passion of ours, it seems...post your pics!

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  1. Brava210
    Oh dear, that's terrible
  2. Watagump
    Update, the watch is back with Swatch Group. Good news, bad news. The good news is in this type of situation they indeed didn't service the watch, they put a new movement in. The bad news is, mine slipped through the QC department and shouldn't have been considered done. So now its waiting until its done correctly, but since its considered a warranty repair now, its suppose to take less time, we shall see. Probably spent $20 in gas and it cost me $6 to park.
  3. iFi audio
    In reality it most likely is as expensive as you say. What we meant originally is that Invictas look really well for the money. Without knowing both brands' labels, we'd guess that the difference between the two watches we're discussing ain't big. But that's us watch noobs :ksc75smile:
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  4. DanBrown89
    Posted this before but have since swapped the bracelet for a leather strap, which I find far more comfortable
  5. Brava210
    Nice tag. Is that 45mm?
  6. DanBrown89
    41mm, I have pretty small wrists so 41mm or 42mm is really my limit*. This model is essentially identical to the more common CV2014 but without the red hands, which I prefer as I could add a strap with blue stitching without it clashing.

    *The only exception to that is for my Garmin Fenix 5+ which is (I think) 47mm; it looks a tad ridiculous but is worth it for using maps.
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  7. Watagump
    Tag is the devil in disguise.
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  8. DanBrown89
    I'm genuinely curious why you think this. Tag seems to get a lot of hate and I've never quite known why; one reason seems to be because they are a little heavy on the marketing/advertising side of things. But, then... Rolex.

    Other than that, it's perhaps the lack of in-house movements. But, for the price, what do you expect? I know other brands offer the same movement for less, but Tag design some beautiful (and original) watches, so I believe there is value in that. And, of course, they have been introducing in-house movements for the last decade or so, some of which are mighty impressive and innovative (the Heuer-02T, for example - even if I don't particularly like it aesthetically).

    I get they aren't to everyone's taste (what is?), but I do find the 'devil in disguise' schtick odd.
  9. bfreedma

    I've had multiple bad experiences with TAG service. I had a Link where the threads on the crown weren't holding. The watch went back for paid repair 3 times and each time, was returned as "fixed" when the issue was clearly and obviously not addressed. The 4th time, the watch was properly repaired, but it was out for service for almost 9 months on the 4th repair.

    Tried to work through both the authorized vendor and TAG - got absolutely no help. I'm not in the market for any TAG watches in the future...
  10. DanBrown89
    Fair enough! That sounds like a nightmare. I have heard complaints about crowns before, now you mention it. I hope mine stays intact!
  11. bfreedma
    I wish the situation was different, because I still like TAG's designs. Hope your watch doesn't have any issues!
  12. bfreedma
    On a separate note, it's funny how times/styles change. I remember when I got that TAG 25 years ago, it seemed huge at 32mm. Now, it looks tiny.
  13. Watagump

    I think the company is shady when it comes to claiming that certain watches were in house movements. I will never buy a generic movement from someone selling them for thousands, many do it so don't get me wrong. I just feel someone making the movement deserves the money more.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019 at 1:46 PM
  14. DanBrown89
    To be fair, I'm not sure I'd actually buy a Tag! Mine was handed down to me, but I do think it's a lovely watch. Some people seem to hate Tag just... because... which is why I was curious about the 'devil in disguise' comment.

    I'm torn on the movement issue. I'm fully aware that my 'Calibre 16' is an ETA 7750, but I understand people might think they're getting something they're not. But at the same time, the same **** goes on with cars, electronics, whatever. Doesn't make it right, but it seems harsh for Tag to be singled out.

    To be honest, I'd strongly consider going Japanese (or German) if I had a couple of grand to spend on a watch. Paying a premium for the words 'Swiss Made' doesn't massively appeal.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019 at 4:43 PM
  15. Watagump

    I do like the looks of the Grand Carerra, but I also like the looks of my Hamilton which was $500 used. Both are 7750 based movements, the IWC Portuguese is one of the best looking chrono's ever made, IMHO. But once again, not in house so I wont ever buy one. I want a Panerai some day, but I will only buy certain ones based on in house movements, the 388 is my goal. I doubt they are 100% in house, but close enough to earn my money. I want a watchmaker, not a watch assembler.
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