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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Out of the box, the v2 doesn't sound as clear as the Colorful C3. I hope burning in the device will change that. I believe I read that some people said it become more clearer/better sound after being burned in.
    The muffled music file has ID3/meta data tags, the clear sounding music file does not.
    The blinking LED is pretty lame, I know people said you can snip it off with a pair of scissors inside the case, but why did they put it in at all? No electronics device has a blinking LED, especially where it's easily seen.
    I also don't like the fact that the Hold switch doesn't make it so you can't turn the sound up and down with the knob. Shouldn't the sound stay the same when you turn on the hold switch? But, nope. It still goes up and down. What's the hold switch actually for then?
    Right now, I'm not liking the Walnut because of those two things, the sound quality is good though.
    Apparently, the Zishan Z1 (Walnut cousin) may do opamp rolling and allow diffrerent codec's like FLAC, that would knock the Walnut out of the window and into the sea.
  2. bzfrank
    Use Fre:ac to convert to WAV and also combine to a single output file. Set Codec: "Windows Wave File Output" and don't forget to turn off Info Tags. Then its just a matter drag&drop a bunch of Media files to its window, MP3, AAC, FLAC, MP4, etc. Works well and fast.

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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    I think my v2 might be defective... :frowning2: I burned in phones for 12-16 hours and then when I woke up, the battery was dead. Some of you guys are saying your Walnut battery lasts for 3 days. Not mine. :frowning2:
    I charged it for 4 hours to start with, despite it being fully charged at 2.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    I find Exact Audio Copy much easier to use than what you just said, you just go under a window and select an option and it's done a few minutes later. Your way sounds like more work, does it produce better sound or something?
  5. Dark Helmet

    Mine does not last 3 days. 12-16 hrs is normal for me. It also depends on how high the volume is.
  6. bzfrank
    My music library is on a NAS, the CDs are stored somewhere in the basement, never to be touched again. For some I do not even own CDs, having purchased MP3 from Amazon or FLAC/DSD from other vendors.

    When you already have tons of FLAC, ACC, MP3 etc., Fre:ac does the trick. No need to rip again from CD.
  7. ozkan
    Has anyone tried Valnut V2 with RE0/00? FWIR Valnut could bring a little warmth to the bass without sacrificing the clarity on RE0.
  8. Dark Helmet

    I wish I had the RE00 to try. I have liked everything that I have paired with the Walnut. My current favorites are the Edifer H180 and the Grado SR80e with the Ear Zonk L pads.
  9. endia

    ozkan, I can try with re0 tomorrow or monday, then report back soon..
  10. ozkan

    Great! I'll be looking for your impressions on RE0 pairing. :smiley:
  11. macky112

    @LaughMoreDaily I had same question to Walnut battery life as you on my first full charge playback. And if I remember correctly, I got a few people replied to my post stating less than 20hr playback on a full charge. I personally get about 14hrs burning in at slightly above my listening comfort.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Yeah, you're right, we should get about 12-16 hours playback time. That's not too bad. It also takes 3 hours to charge my Walnut.
    Are you guys worried about your hearing at all? I prefer music players where I can tell what the number is out of whatever. (out of 30 on Benjie S5) and (out of 100? on Colorfly C3). We don't have that on the Walnut and that's mainly the only thing I don't really like.
  13. alexandros a
    Bro.....knowing that you own C3 i strongly suggest get youself a bluebird U3.6 amp at 35$... very low cost for such a huge soundstage clear sound above all....and the best pair for C3..
    Also has an external swith for low high gain setting so tou can drive succesfylly iems and big cans as well...i am thinking to get both C3 and U3.6 for second time as replacements to the originals....cause those are the best sounding combo in my collection includind DX80 X3ii C200 and E12A amp...you wont regret buying U3.6 not for a sec...trust me...
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    It looks like that amp is sold out at the only Aliexpress seller. Thanks for the thought, though. I don't really need it anyway... I won't use it. It might sound awesome, but I really don't want to carry any amp and I already own an unused Topping NX1A because I don't want to carry it around.
  15. groucho69
    Or for $150 buy the Cayin N3
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