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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. chairs
    I think the internet blew up over Back to Back in sort of a self-aware, let's-just-have-a-good-time-with-this-one way. I doubt anybody (other than Meek Mill) actually took the Meek/Drake beef seriously - the internet's anointment of Back to Back felt pretty tongue-in-cheek. These pop culture tiffs get so big now because people love to have a laugh on social media over a few well placed memes. This beef echoed and amplified as it bounced around Twitter and more and more people joked about it, but everybody remained cognizant of how goofy the "beef" really was. I highly doubt that anyone thought it was an Ether, at least.
    What does this mean??

  2. Change is Good
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  3. sfwalcer

  4. moriez
    Was flipping through some good 'ol tunes on YouTube and read a comment about that Sean Price passed away. Sad. Only 43 years of age. Probably best known for making up half of Heltah Skeltah.
    Rest In Peace and Thank You for the music. 


  5. linglingjr
    Why does this exist?

  6. sixly
    Man this used to be so active...is there a new hiphop thread?

  7. linglingjr
    Not that I know of.  As far as this genre goes, I'm just kind of sitting here waiting for this:
  8. WraithApe
    I've never posted a lot to this thread, but maybe the reason it's so inactive now is just cos there's no good new stuff to post up! Don't wanna be that 'hip hop is dead' guy, but the majority of my own (extensive) collection is from the 90s, which I think most would agree was the golden age for the genre, and a bunch of stuff from the 00s, but not much from the last 5 years. It's rare that I come across anything these days worth mentioning. There's probably still some good underground hip hop being produced, but you have to dig a bit to find it and I'm more likely just to reach for the old records.
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  9. sixly
    In the words of El-P "and i'm always laughing at the critics claiming 'hip-hop's over'.  **** you hip-hop it's just getting started / funny how the most nostalgic cats are the ones who were never a part of it"
    How you gonna argue with El-P man?

  10. WraithApe
    That was back in 2003, there was plenty of decent stuff around then. Not arguing with El-P - nothing but respect for the man, especially for what he did with Co Flow - but I'm not a 90s bandwagoner either... first record I bought was in '91 - The Low End Theory.
  11. sixly
    I think it applies regardless of the year.  There's always good stuff it's just a matter of a) luck and 2) digging for it.  Also El-P bragging is just awesome, you seriously just cannot hope to argue with his resume.  "Signed to Rawkus?  I'd rather be mouth ****ed by nazis, unconscious".  - The man,
  12. SomeGuyDude
    Aw man, there's been tons of awesome stuff. 
    One album I've been spinning a bunch is Future's DS2. On the surface it's all b*tches and drugs, but the way it's executed leaves this really haunting malaise over it, like Future doesn't really enjoy ANY of it, it's just the life he's fallen into. 
    Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like *** I Don't Go Outside is another favorite.
    Game's dual album monster Documentary 2/2.5 is probably modern classic status
    I got a feeling the new one from Logic is gonna be stellar, too. I thought Under Pressure was better than GKMC, but then I don't really like Kendrick.
    I could keep going but the point is that the only reason anyone says "music from X era is best" is because they just have an attachment to the type of sound that came out of that era. That's why you get a lot of guys who rave about the 90s saying Joey Bad@$$ is amazing. 
  13. linglingjr
    I guess this got released 2 days ago:

  14. KamijoIsMyHero
    I am surprised no one has made a better thread for hip-hop for this forum. If some of you think you can maintain a hip-hop thread for this forum, go for it.
    This thread was really just a result of me shutting down the original "Rap Sucks" thread and made to bring out the willfully ignorant (sometimes racist) user's view of hip-hop. So in a sense this is a troll thread filled with good hip-hop, SF was to troll and I was to provide the hip-hop. I haven't been posting anymore cuz life and very little advancement in headphones. I only check this forum out now and then for the Schiit posts. But really, this isn't a proper thread, I posted a lot of nonsense here.
    As for the quality of hip-hop for this year, there is enough to make a solid top 10 list but the volume is not there compared to previous years and much much less compared to the golden era. 
    Here is ten vids from 10 of my fave albums this year so far
    Camp Lo
    Lyrics Born
    Semi Hendrix
    Ghostface Killah
    L'Orange and Jeremiah Jae
  15. bccass

    I don't see how RTJ hasn't gotten some love in here yet.  Two accomplished artists coming together and making something bigger than their sum.
    Edit: adding another track.

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