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Vision Ears VE6 xc opinions and feedback

  1. kantana
    Hi guys, curious on the VE6 xc.  I've seen them mentioned on other threads but not much feedback.  The price is huge obviously but how do they compare on SQ for SE or balanced?  What about vs other TOTL iems like K10, UERM, Roxannes, JH13/16 etc?
    Pls post any feedback you have on these, thanks.
  2. AegisYeo
    Oh boy am I too late? Do you still need advice?
  3. efftee
    I'm also keen to hear some first hand experiences with the VE6.
  4. Mimouille
    There is a Vision Ears thread...my experience was average on the demos but I believe the customs are much better. There is a full review on headfonia by Nathan, who also reviwed K10 and EM32.
  5. efftee
    Good read! Thanks.
  6. Francisk
    I was at the Musikmesses in Frankfurt today and I must say I'm very impressed with the VE6 sound especially when I put the switch to the balanced sound signature but I like the fact that I'm able to coax some more bottom end rumble whenever I need it by just flipping the switch.
  7. dubliners

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