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Verum 1 Loaner Program @ TTVJAudio.com

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Jun 5, 2019.
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  1. Feilong4
    I've dropped off the Verum 1 earlier today at a USPS. It should be on its way to the next person!
  2. Feilong4
    Any update on the status of the loaner unit? It's been almost 2 weeks now. I know I've already done my part but I'd still love to read others' thoughts.
  3. wormsdriver
    Hey guys these are my impressions of the Verum 1 planar headphones.

    There was no packaging so to speak with these loaners, so I'll skip that.
    Build quality on these headphones is solid and they feel hefty. Fit and finish is good, I'm not sure what the cups are made of but they feel solid and look like they don't need to be babied. Earpads are magnetically attached, I don't think these are real leather but they are very soft to the touch and most importantly they are comfortable. The grills are brushed aluminum and fit perfectly on the sides of the cups. Towards the bottom of the cups we find an angled area where the detachable cables connect. The connectors on the cables are 2.5mm.
    The headband is solid and does it's job very well as far as comfort and being sturdy.


    For the most part I do like the Verum 1's looks except for the headband's design which sticks up a bit too much on top and also the look of the cable. Again to be fair, the headband certainly works very well and the cable is not bothersome, just a bit cheap looking/feeling. Luckily it is detachable so one can change it if you choose to do so.

    Like I said earlier the Verum 1 is not a lightweight headphone but it is comfortable. I feel like the weight is very well distributed and the cushioned leather strap on the headband works very well. I was able to wear them for hours straight without having any pain or discomfort which is obviously very important. One note here, the pads do get a bit hot as expected.


    Overall sound of the Verum 1 to me was neutral for the most part with the high mids and lower treble a bit emphasized. There is good extension on both ends of the frequency spectrum.
    I found it to be lacking in transparency. For the price I'd say resolution is ok. Dynamics are startling at times and I had to turn down the volume at times, lol.
    I'm not sure how to address the soundstage as I found it a bit off. While it does have some space the imaging is off. One example, when I close my eyes vocals were strangely placed above my eyes when I'm used to hearing them more at eye level between my ears, if that makes sense, lol. I only caught this a couple times so I don't know exactly what to make of it, so take that with a grain of salt and pepper! Lol.

    Bass: I found the bass on the Verum 1 to be pretty neutral. I did not hear it to be emphasized anywhere and luckily it is not missing either. It reaches down low and definitely does some rumbling in the lower bass. Impact on toms is good when the track calls for it.

    Mids to me sound a bit bright in the upper midrange, lower midrange seems neutral. Electric guitars have plenty of energy and bite. Personally I would've liked just a bit more warmth in the lower midrange for a more engaging listen to vocals, then again I might be confusing this with lack of transparency as they sound slightly hazy?

    Treble on the Verum 1 is good but not great. While it does lack resolution and definition, I did not find it offensive. It was not splashy or tizzy and I did not have trouble with sibilance for the most part either. All in all it is actually very good for this price point!

    The Verum 1 was easy to drive as I did try it with my phone and my dap a few times. I did have to turn up the volume but I did not have to max it out as it was plenty loud. I did get best results from my desktop amp and also out of my dac/amp. Btw, the price of the Verum 1 is $349 which makes it VERY competitive at this price point. It also comes in a few flavors for the buyer to choose from so check out their website for options.

    Well guys these are my short impressions of the Verum 1. Definitely a good bang for the buck headphone all around!

    As always a BIG THANK YOU to Todd Green for the loaner and also to you guys for reading this.

    Equipment used:
    RME Adi-2 Dac
    Violectric V200
    Cavalli Liquid Carbon V1
    Soundaware M1
    Samsung S7

    All music was lossless flac or live music videos on Youtube!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  4. ngoshawk
    I am in possession, taking the pair three days ago. I must say that the unit will be better packed when it leaves my abode. I do not mean to be rude, but we must protect the unit(s) better when shipping.

    First impressions range from "I look like a cat wearing these," to "they cost how little??!!" The Verum's have a very interesting adjustment system, and I cannot understand why more have not gone this route. The cat-ear angle of the bracket does afford for a good fit, but not too tight. My Sendy Aiva fit a bit looser (and more comfortably), but are also heavier. The bass response is quite good, and reaches a bit deeper than the Sendy. Clarity is right up my alley, with good definition. There is what I will call a "distinctness" of sound heard, and I must admit I marvel at the sound coming forth from the unit. Incredible for the price.
  5. ksorota
    Verum 1 Review

    Thank you to Todd for sponsoring this loaner tour, it is a great opportunity for all of us to try before we buy, especially considering the uniqueness and limited availability of Garuspiks marvelous creation.

    The Verum 1’s are a very exciting product to me and many others because we were able to follow the development from conception to final product, even being able to add input and ask questions. The finish on the headphones is somewhat bold with just a touch of imperfection to let you know that it was hand built by a headphone enthusiast! I hope that Garuspik continues to develop new models that continue to refine the product, and perhaps lighten up the final design. I would also like to see these phones offered in other colorways that are a bit more understated (really like the matte black trend of late) as I was not a big fan of the liquid wood finish.

    Sound Impressions and positive notes:

    The sound of the Verums is good and interesting. They have great bass extension and punch but can get a little shrill on certain tracks that have a lot of treble. I found that some complicated music can feel a little congested, and vocals can be a bit recessed. However, when running them off of the Gilmore Lite MK2...much of the negatives went away, and I found more bass and less fatiguing treble.

    The overall sound signature is close to neutral with good bass and sub-bass, good mids and extended highs but somewhat recessed vocals. I consistently found myself turning up the music, which may have led to the treble fatigue on certain tracks. These headphones reminded me a lot of LCD 2C’s and my modified 1060’s which I enjoyed while I owned them. The biggest issue with the 1060’s is that they required the expensive pads and the trouble of installing fazors, new grills and removing/replacing damping foams. For the price of 350$ these are an easy planar to recommend and come close enough to the LCD’s that unless they were side by side, you may not be able to pick a clear winner.

    The magnetic pad rings are fantastic and allowed me to try multiple ZMF pads. If any other tester gets a chance, try out the ZMF Suedes on the Verum 1’s, you will not be disappointed.
    Suede notes - better extension and soundstage with much more comfort. Bass felt a bit rumblier and highs a bit more tame (in a good way)

    On the negatives:

    The design is not going to suit everyone, which was obvious by the number of compliments and strange looks I received by coworkers. Any initial impressions were quickly dismissed upon a quick listen, but style is still a consideration for many.

    The adjustment system is very customizable, but it takes more time than most headphones. On one hand, once it's dialed in to your head size, you can be sure it is going to retain that position, but on the other is that it makes it more difficult when fitting them for others.

    The pads are comfortable, but get warm (even hot) very quickly on my head.


    I really enjoyed my time with the Verum 1’s...they are very close to unbeatable at the price point and are simply better than the modified 1060’s. I wish that they were a bit more my style preference, but it is hard to really complain about a handmade set of headphones by an enthusiast! I look forward to many more wonderful headphones from Verum.
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