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We are pleased to announce a new loaner program for the Verum Audio Verum 1 headphone. The Verum 1 is made in the Ukraine and is now in production. We have a Zebrano pair here that we think you are going to like - and like even more with a price tag of $349 + shipping for a Planar Magnetic headphone!
The rules are below the picture of the Verum 1. We will take 10 people to sign up and ship it out on Friday to the first recipient.


Loaner Program Rules:

Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me (Todd) at Do NOT PM me as you will not be included in the program without an email.

You will get the loaner for 1 week to use in your home with your system. After your one week is up, you must send it to the next loaner participant. Email me ( the tracking info so I can pass it on to the recipient.

You MUST write a review and post it in this loaner thread. It must be posted in the same thread as this announcement for the loaner program. Please post the review here first and feel free to post it somewhere else if you like!

Once you have received the loaner, email me to let me know you have it and I will send the address for the next person.

Our loaner programs are USA only. We are restricted from shipping/selling outside the USA on most products.

Enjoy the program!

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Hi marka250,

I do not have a problem with you signing up for the loaner program. Just be sure to follow the rules and all will be good!

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Hi All,

Here is the loaner list... We will ship it out today. PLEASE make sure you keep it for one week and then pass it on. I have allowed 9 people to sign up so I need for this to keep moving at the required pace. Enjoy your time with the Verum 1 and I look forward to your impressions of the headphone!

alxw0w, I am sorry but this is a USA only program. I have passed your info on to Verum Audio letting them know you are interested.

Verum 1 Loaner Program:

1 Will F

2 JLoud

3 Feilong4

4 ngoshawk

5 wormsdriver

6 ksorota

7 Monsterzero

8 jinxy245

9 macdonjh
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Hi All,

Here is the loaner list... #1 on the list forgot to include his Head-Fi user name so I made one up until I get it... We will ship it out today. PLEASE make sure you keep it for one week and then pass it on. I have allowed 9 people to sign up so I need fo rthis to keep moving at the required pace. Enjoy your time with the Verum 1 and I look forward to you impressions of the headphone!

alxw0w, I am sorry but this is a USA only program. I have passed your info on to Verum Audio letting them know you are interested.

Verum 1 Loaner Program:

1 Will in AK

2 JLoud

3 Feilong4

4 ngoshawk

5 wormsdriver

6 ksorota

7 Monsterzero

8 jinxy245

9 macdonjh

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I’d like to thank TTVG for the opportunity to review these phones. For nothing more than my honest opinion, I had the pleasure of enjoying for the week an excellent pair of headphones and then telling others about them. That’s something really neat to do so my sincere appreciation TTVG.

About myself: I’m a 53 YO engineer with strong analytical tendencies and I’ve been an audiophile since I was twelve. My ears are also 53 YO so I can’t hear above 15 kHz but at least my taste in music has improved. Live recordings with really amazing guitar work are probably what I most like which is reflected in my test tracks. I tend to be skeptical of significant differences between cables and am willing to admit a lot of my perceptions of sound differences may exist exclusively in my head.

Testing method:

Not very scientific I’m afraid. Just me listening to music I enjoy over and over with different headphones. Some of the tracks used for testing:

Test rig:

Mostly high bit rate recordings via usb to Topping D50 DAC then Schiit Loki (set to flat unless otherwise stated) and finally to a Schiit Lyr3 with a psvane something tube which adds a little air and punch over the stock tubes.

The Verum 1:

The Verum 1 is a planar magnetic open headphone designed and built in Ukraine. It started out as a Kickstarter campaign @ $300 but you can buy it now direct from the creator for $349. The most important part, the diaphragm, is huge and has magnets on both sides. I think it’s 82 mm diameter. Normally a diaphragm like this would place these phones very much on the heavy end of the spectrum. However, thanks to some wise choices in cup design, it’s not too bad. While not light, the weight certainly isn’t extreme. The suspension system is very good and you barely feel the weight. You will notice the clamping pressure though.


The Verum 1 appears to be very durable and well made, but they will get you a lot of funny looks if you wear them in public. Audiophiles will think you’re wearing some sort of Audeze knock-off and everyone else will just think they look weird and nerdy. If you’re looking for stylish, you should probably buy something else.


The cups have a well done wood print which looks pretty realistic. They can be ordered with a carbon fiber print as well which would be my own personal preference. The underlying material is nylon, which appears to be a durable and non resonant material for the cups. The ear pads are full leather and held on with magnets which makes rolling pads a breeze if someone starts making pads to roll. I kind of doubt anyone will though because frankly the pads it comes with sound fantastic, are comfortable and really well made.


The headband is a suspension type which is adjusted by removing the threaded knobs on each side (to adjust reach) and on top (to adjust clamping force). It’s extremely secure and will never slide once you have it set the way you want, but you’re not going to be adjusting it while wearing it. It’s fairly comfortable for a heavyish headphone. I would prefer less clamping force, even at the most relaxed setting, but it does provide a solid seal even around my glasses.

The cable:

The cable is really the only thing on these phones that says “cost control”. It’s much thinner than you would expect compared to the rest of the package and it’s pretty short. That said, it’s not microphonic, it’s supple, and I can’t complain at all about the sound. It’s easy enough to find a really nice one for less than half the difference in price between the Verum 1 and similar sound quality headphones so it’s a sensible place to cut costs.

Power requirements:

My IPhone 8 had no problems driving them and neither did anything else I tried. They sounded best with my Lyr 3 and I would recommend using these with a high quality amp and DAC. They’re good enough to be able to hear the difference. I read somewhere they have an 8 ohm impedance so OTL tube amps are probably not the best option.


The sound is why you want these headphones. It’s absolutely fantastic. The timbre is astonishingly good. A little soft on the attack but with superb midrange detail, deep solid and energetic bass, a neutral to slightly warm and very dynamic sound signature, and a well formed soundstage with great depth and good width. Without a doubt this headphone competes sonically against headphones at twice the price, including MrSpeakers Aeon Open or closed, Audeze LCD2 and Focal Elear / Elex. I’m thinking strongly of selling my AFOs and replacing them with a carbon fiber Verum 1. The only reason I’m not thinking of also selling the Focals is because they look better and I can wear them around the neighborhood without comment.

Compared to MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed::

AFC generates the most detail and speed of any headphone I have. It’s like X-ray vision for music. It’s fun to get lost in the detail but sometimes it‘s a little fatiguing. The Verum sounds almost as detailed but is softer on the attack resulting in a very clear but non fatiguing sound. The AFC is cooler sounding, less dynamic and more restrained in bass, but there’s also less bleed into the mids compared to the Verum 1. That said, the Verum 1 has more visceral bass and does a better job in capturing the recording space and soundstage. In terms of overall performance, there isn’t much difference but I would expect most people to prefer the Verum 1 sound thanks to its impressive bass and great dynamics.

Compared to the Focal Elex:

The Focals with Dekoni pads sound a lot like the Verum 1. The sound signature, dynamics and timbre are very similar. However, with the Focals the bass goes perhaps as deep but isn’t as textured or engaging. Most notably, the level of detail is significantly less. On the plus side, the Focals do have a much better sound stage and are superbly light and comfortable, not to mention good looking. It really is a pleasure to put them on after wearing either the Aeons or the Verum 1 for a while just because they are so light and cool. IMHO Focal sets the standard for well made and stylish high performance headphones. However, In terms of overall sound performance, the Verum 1 is better. More engaging, more detailed, sweeter, less metallic sound, better bass.

Compared to the Aeon Flow Open:

The AFO is the least neutral of my headphones with a noticeable warm tilt and a fantastically textured and thick bass with a little mid bass hump. It’s also pretty dynamic if connected to a really powerful amp like the Lyr 3. Overall the sound is like a warm soft blanket. The Verum doesn’t have the same level of richness with its more neutral sound signature,but goes a fair bit lower and is ruler flat. The Verum 1 has quite a bit more air with a much better soundstage and a little more detail. Dynamics are comparable. To my ears, the Verum 1 overall sounds more seductive, involving and enjoyable. something I don’t say lightly considering how much I like the AFO.

To summarize:

The Verum 1, product of a Ukrainian DYIer and a kickstarter campaign, compares well with and perhaps outperforms my favorite headphones which sell at more than twice the price. Yes, they sound that good. I don’t know squat about the creator, but anyone who can pull that off is no joke. The headband and grilles could use some additional aesthetic refinement, but they work well and get the job done. Overall, this is truly an exceptional headphone and the fact that it’s available at such a reasonable price makes it a steal. I wouldn’t be surprised if these became hard to get once word gets out.

The Verum 1 is on its way to the next reviewer but I’m going to miss it a lot!
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It did and I have put time in with it on a Burson Soloist, Woo WA5, and an Astell & Kersn se100. Going to do some comparisons this week with a LCD2, Bower and Wilkens P7, Focal Listen, and just for giggles with a Meze Empyrean. Should be ready to ship out Friday.
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Will f summed up the build and ergonomic part of the build on these so I won't go over them again. My feelings pretty much match his exactly. I too would like to see the carbon fiber look of the cups, although the wood grain is very nice. As far as the cable, I would like to see a little nicer one. But as it is a very common connection(2.5 mm) these are easily replaced if you desire. I found the length about right. Short enough for mobile and long enough for desktop.
I don't really like describing the sound of a headphone, it is so subjective. I prefer to compare it to other headphones and let others decide if it is to their liking.
Verum 1 vs Focal Listen.
The Verum is more detailed, especially in the treble. It has a bigger soundstage with better imaging. It responds well to EQ. The mid range has less grain with better timbre.
The Listen has more bass impact and a somewhat elevated bass response. But with EQ the Verum can match the bass quantity of the Listen with better control and definition.
Verdict:The Verum 1 is clearly the better headphone. Technically and subjectively.

Verum 1 vs Bower & Wilkens P7
The P7 has a more prominent mid bass and a much smaller sound stage. If EDM or other bass heavy genres are your main choice this is a nice headphone. Very good build quality.
The Verum has a much more balanced sound. While I would personally like a little more bass, EQ easily fixes the one area of concern.
Verdict: The Verum is a more well rounded headphone with much better air and staging. Clearly better.

Verum 1 vs Hifiman he400s
The he400s was my go to recommendation for entry level open headphones. They have a very smooth sound and with the Focus pads the bass is brought up for a balanced sound. They do lack some energy in the treble and the soundstage is a little flat.
The Verum has better air and detail in the treble. This gives it a more 3D sound. The bass of the Verum is about equal to the he400s without EQ. But it responds better to any adjustments.
Verdict:The Verum is my new recommendation for entry open headphones..

Verum 1 vs Audeze EL8
The Verum has more treble anergy, as well as perceived detail. The soundstage is bigger.
The EL8 has much more impact and the bass goes deeper. The midrange is more forward but not necessarily more detailed. Just a different presentation.
Verdict: Very different headphones. But I was surprised that I actually preferred the Verum 1. I really like the Audeze house sound, but with EQ to address the bass quantity issue of the Verum, the airier treble and more open soundstage won out for most music choices.

The comparisons were done using a Schiit Yggy A2, Burson Soloist amp, all from a mac mini running Audivana+ and lossless files.
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Thanks, forgot to subscribe to this thread. Sounds like good impressions so far.

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