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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by luvmusik, Jan 2, 2016.
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  1. Wondering about these about a year now, anyone heard these yet ? (I'm not affiliated with these mfrs).
    Verisonix N500 & N501 models.
    In2uit I501 & I502C models.
    Some type of dynamic hybrid headphone.
    trademark name for technology is Electrostatz & Electrastatz.
    One site says driver is an EFL - electret flexible loudspeaker (with dipole soundwave radiation).
    May be an electret-cone hybrid, or possibly a mylar-cone hybrid or planar-cone hybrid.
    Low 32 ohm impedance, so maybe not planar-hybrid, and planar- or mylar- hybrids doesn't seem to make sense (? why the need ?), so maybe it is an electret-cone hybrid.
    Plug end has no transformer, unless a transformer is nestled into earcups for an electret-dynamic hybrid.
    Is it possible the electret film is self-biased ?
    Some tab clics on the sites show a dissambled diagram.
    N500 & N501 have 40 mm cone (mix of PU & paper pulp) + film diaphragm with 0.1% distortion.
    I501 & I501C have 50 mm cone + film diaphragm with 0.5% distortion.
    Models vary at either 3-6-12 Hz to 50,000 Hz frequency response, and 115 to 120 db SPL.
    They use word "dome" instead of cone (?inverted?, like a dome-tweeter on a loudspeaker or language translation error ?).
    Crossover may be at 1000 to 2000 Hz area roughly.
    Last year's In2uit I500B had a cheap headband assembly, looks like that model was dropped.
    Prices may be set too high.
    Designed in Taiwan & assembled in China - have seen these sell in Asia last year & now in USA, but just emerging.
    Has anyone heard these & your impressions ? Or, anyone weigh in on these ?
  2. luvmusik
    39_1.jpg Verisonix N500 & N501
    20140926005635075.png In2uit I502C
    20140915003840070.png In2uit I501
    image_2.jpg open exploded diagram
    41PtqzARdEL__AC_UL320_SR186320_.jpg (discontinued In2uit I500B)
    homepage1.jpg Verisonix N501 homepage2.jpg N500
  3. luvmusik
    Clicking on the very last foto of Verisonic N500 above shows it may not be entirely sealed, possibly ported all around the edges. This can be seen on the mfr site also.
  4. luvmusik
    On this link - it explains the details of their EFL film diaphragms development & how they work. Still, without an electret transformer, are these somehow self-biased ?
    Not many 2-way-driver designs in headphones, so this electret-dynamic cone hybrid is interesting.
  5. kazcou
    The driver of a in2uit I501
  6. luvmusik
    Thanks for posting that internal foto. So, it is an electret-dynamic cone hybrid with transformers inside the earcups, it looks like. How do they sound ? What headphone sound would you compare them to ? Do the 2 drivers transition smoothly in crossover for sound ?
  7. kazcou
    The bass is good (a 50mm driver that help), but is not a Fostex !
    The mid is warm, but not too warm and muddy.
    The main problem is the high. You can see on the graph from verisonix, linear response ... With a bad amplifier the treble will kill your ears in no time.
    Even with a good amp those who can drive a HD800, is still too much treble.

    Soundstage not exeptionnel, like what you can get from a Denon d7k.
    Transient speed is not a Stax, is more like a normal headphones...
    Details is good but is not a SR-009

    And no transition problem between the two drivers.
  8. gelocks
    Possibly the same:
    Check their kickstarter as well...
  9. luvmusik
    Thanks guys, good info.
  10. luvmusik
    In past have been wary about transformers inside the actual earcups. Are they safe that close to the ear ? Some mfrs (Audio-Technica, etc) used the method with vintage electrets then changed to putting the transformer into the plug end, as either a bulky transformer plug, or a "lump" in the cord (transformer) near the plug end. Traditional was to use the energizer-transformer seperate box. Not sure if anyone still puts the transformers inside the earcups, anyone know of any other mfr's doing it lately, or when it was last done,  besides those models on the thread here ?
  11. Jobbing
    For anyone interested is this technology, please find the link below to my first impressions on the Electrostatz Kickstarter Edition (GL2)


    Re Verisonix, Mitchell & Johnson have explained here on their project page
  12. Jobbing
    Today Mitchell & Johnson have launched a press release,on the latest developments,
    Link: Kickstarter project update with press release <<here>> 
    Quote Mitchell & Johnson:
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    The N500's highs are tamer than the N501's, but isolate less well. If Verisonix can mend fit issues, wow.
  14. espidus
    Wonder how this compares to the other electret dynamic hybrid, the akg k340?
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