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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. WayTooCrazy
    Finally getting some time to try the Dukes after burn-in (202hrs)...
  2. noknok23
    does the high lower after 200Hrs? they still **** my ears big time at the moment (roughly 100hr)
  3. WayTooCrazy
    I think the standard Duke does not have a signature that I'm fond with (metal filter). I've rolled a few tips and I can't get into it yet. Gonna burn for another few hundred hours. The Duke AE though, that sound Great! Smooth as can be! I believe that has a fabric filter.
  4. noknok23
    thanks, I'm going to give a try with the AE
    WayTooCrazy likes this.
  5. Skullophile
    I'm finding the Duke a thing of beauty out of the M1s. If I could I wouldn't change a thing. They nailed the treble and well, they nailed it all. @noknok23 try using a warmer balanced source with the Duke. The M1s to my ears really cools off the sound.
    noknok23 and peter123 like this.
  6. noknok23
    I'm using the m1s!!! Same as you, balanced output and spinfit. It's much better I have almost no sibilance, and yes it sounds beautiful. I left the iem on pink noise over night to see if any improvements
  7. mochill
    500hrs minimum
    noknok23 likes this.
  8. WayTooCrazy
    I have them on the burner for 500hrs now... but will probably be a little more, as I don't intend to be home when the magical 500hr hits.
  9. mochill
  10. noknok23
    Did some serious generated noise burn-in, not sure if I hear improvement or it's in my mind by at least my hears aren't wrecked by the high anymore... looks like it's going for the better :) very impressed by the speed and resolution of theses by the way
    WayTooCrazy likes this.
  11. peter123
    What's the AE?
  12. WayTooCrazy
    Alternate Edition. It has a fabric/paper filter vs the metal screen filter of the normal Duke.
  13. peter123
    Ah, I see.

  14. noknok23
    Alternative edition - less analytical, slightly more musical?... @WayTooCrazy do you think the cotton is the only thing in the mod? Haven't fully burned those one yet, focusing on the og now haha still after a month of sporadic burn in. But I feel like it's getting more stable now and I am really pleased. I really wish someone could provide graph for before and after burn in on these to see if the high lower down....
  15. WayTooCrazy
    @noknok23 tbh...I just didn't jive with the sound of the normal duke. It sounded thin and not so engaging, even after 200hrs burn-in for me. The Duke AE was a little warmer, smoother, and more refined from first listen. Now, it is balanced, so that might have some influence. I do remember trying my SE adapter on it and still preferring it to standard. The SE Duke is back on burner for 520hrs (when I return from vacation). So I'll see how it sounds then. I'm still more of a 'bud guy than IEM guy it seems.
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