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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. laxtrax
    So it's like placebo - very subjective, always positive (excluding nocebo), and based purely on belief. Except placebo can actually be measured.
  2. kydu

    Nothing I said could possibly have to do with placebo haha. Letting gear run in before critical listening is a common practice. If you don't believe it in, by all means don't waste your time. By all means buy a revealing IEM like Duke and then act surprised, with a bad fit and without proper gear, it sounds bad....

    Like others noted; try foam tips, spinfit tips, etc, to get a good fit, a common practice before critically listening. Then pair the Duke with the $98 VE runabout plus, and a source which it deserves, and prepare to have your mind blown. But don't waste my time when I'm giving you advice VE gave me.
  3. laxtrax
    Placebo - very subjective, always positive, and based purely on belief. 
    Burn in - very subjective, always positive, and based purely on belief. 
  4. kydu
    Throughly enjoying Duke, Duke AE, and my buddies Shure 846se. Always fun hearing them after the time was taken to find the right fit. Spinfit did the trick for me on all 3 Iems IMG_4470.jpg
  5. james444 Contributor
    Funny enough, even among manufacturers who provide frequency response graphs of their phones, some recommend burn-in. Obviously, if they can provide one graph, it shouldn't be hard for them to provide two (pre and post burn-in), to support their recommendation.
    However, I've never actually seen anyone doing it... which in itself is quite telling, imho. [​IMG] 
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  6. noknok23
    Hello, anyone tried the Duke with bal aune m1s ? Any impression on this? I'm feeling it could be amazing for critical listening but fear it could become too bright as well. Thanks
  7. yacobx

    The duke really really needs an amp
  8. noknok23
    Ok so I got the Duke balanced with Aune m1s. It's very nice! Sound is relatively balanced with emphasis on the high. I bought the comfy tips for them. I don't feel like they are underdriven at all. I only have to get use to the deep insertion. Maybe Ill try the spinfits someday...

    Actually for the first time in my life I hear the difference between flac and 320mp3. Audio Artefacts just "pop up" you don't have to focus like a mad man to guess the differences.
    Just to give you an idea of how transparent and clear this combo is.

    These are definitely not made for casual listening or noisy environment. More short focused listening session. And I really like that.
    I had AE with it. Had some issues with them but Wild Lee is chill and trustworthy, willing to solve the problem very quickly.
    Actually after some time I wonder if I would not like the original better. I think the bass is weird on the AE. A bit off. What do you think?
  9. Skullophile
    I have a Duke that has a duo 3.5mm cable(s) and I broke my single ended adapter cable for it. Now I need a 2.5mm balanced and a single ended cable for it. I have tried a bunch of adapters and none of them work. I have also contacted Lee but since I bought the Duke second hand I don't have a VE order number so I just get the run around. Anyone have any ideas about adapter cables that will work for me?
  10. noknok23
    Sounds very specific, luckily, this kind of things aren't too hard to craft by yourself. Or someone else.
    I went to some tech shop in Taiwan, the guy would craft custom cables for you by demand.
    Pono player thread might know more about this?
  11. Skullophile
    Good idea, thanks
  12. noknok23
    Can confirm the Duke benefit from extended burn in. At the very least 100hr. It gets more refined, smoother and sub bass is opening nicely. If there is no tools to measure burn in doesn't mean it doesn't exist. XIX century is dead guys. You got to believe.☯

    Idk about the Duke but Lee recommend 50for monk and 300 or even 500(!) For asura 2.0.
  13. Skullophile
    You'll have to buy a new Duke and test it against your burnt in Duke !
    Btw I found a balanced duo 3.5mm adapter on fleabay by Dyson Audio. And Surf Cables have them as well.
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  14. mochill
    I was told to burn in the duke for a minimum of 500hrs
  15. noknok23
    Well actually I had my Duke broken for some reason and got a replacement. I had to burn in again which was quite annoying... I was actually quite sceptical and tried really hard to not believe in burn in...
    To be honest burn in do minor differences in stuff most of the time. (Like the monk for example)
    It should not be considered systematic.
    I believe that big manufacturers products are designed to sound well out of the box.
    On the other hand, I had cypherus earphones (diy craft) that sounded terrible out of the box, unbelievable bad and got so much better after some time. It's ridiculous. Almost like they have been designed to prove that burn in is a thing.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
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