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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Guidostrunk
    In a true tube buffered output stage, with no opamps. Tubes are definitely distinguishable. Some say drastic, some say subtle.
    A Siemens CCa, is a polar opposite in sound, to a Mullard Blackburn 6922. All a subjective opinion though. Cheers
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  2. Guidostrunk
    I'm going to subscribe to this thread , even though I don't own a Vali 2. I'm currently using a Scott Nixon tube dac+ , that uses 1 6922 tube.

    I've been rolling these variants for the last 2.5 years, having owned a Lyr, and Mj2 previously.

    I'm also down for this tube lending thread that I've just read. I'm currently holding 9 tubes, and have more headed my way.
    Post a link to the thread when it's created.
  3. RickB
    When I switch between a vintage Sylvania JAN 6922 and a current production EH 6CG7, I definitely hear a difference. It's not immediately apparent, but after about 20 minutes, the glare that the EH tube has becomes obvious, to my irritation. I always switch back to the JAN 6922. It sucks, because I really would like to make the JAN last as long as possible.

    I probably wouldn't even notice the glare, if I didn't have the JAN.
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  4. PoSR77
    I have been reading this again and again itt. So it seems the Vali 2's SS is particularly tweakable with tubes. (If indeed this is not a psychoacoustic expectation affect).

    Perhaps the HF-1 did not have this design; however there was a tube rolling thread for it with people claiming all sorts of changes. I never heard anything beyond so subtle I couldn't even be sure it was there.
  5. PoSR77
    That's why I'm willing to try at least 1 different tube; because sometimes you can't tell what you're missing until you actually hear it.

    And yea, subtle differences in audio gear tend to have that "cumulative" affect: you don't really realize them until after some listening. I find lots of speakers are like that, so you have to be very careful and test them in your own home (which you should anyway because of the variations in room acoustics) otherwise those qualities you liked prima facie turn out to be too much coloration in the long run even if they seemed very subtle at first.
  6. chef8489
  7. Tuneslover
    SORRY I goofed up. Please see NEXT POST for my Reply.
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  8. Tuneslover

    I actually liked the stock Sylvania 6BQ7A tube but I too did grab the JJ and EH tubes you mentioned above. Although those popular tubes did sound nice I still kept going back to the stock tube, occasionally rolling the others in. After several months the JJ and Electro-Harmonix tubes began sounding better to me, maybe they were settling in and finally opening up.

    I just purchased and burned-in my new Project Ember and I have to say the tube differences are way more apparent with this amp. Unfortunately the stock Sylvania tube sounds pretty crappy with the Ember. With the Vali2 I didn't hear too much noticeable difference in sound between them (in my opinion). The Ember has a superior sound to the V2, sounding clearer/detailed, wider and deeper soundstage and excellent instrument separation. I still love my V2 but I don't think there's enough room in the stable for both tube hybrids.
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  9. Guidostrunk
    I have a few nice vintage tubes available for sale if anyone is interested. All of them are part of pairs that I got over time. I'm letting them go pretty cheap. PM me if interested.

  10. PoSR77

    Like I mentioned, I don't even know what my stock tube is in the Vali 2 since it is completely without any markings of any kind.

    I ordered the JJ E88CC/6922 from TubeDepot; it might be here by the end of the week.

    I'm highly skeptical I'll hear any difference between it and the stock, but we'll see. At the very least I'll have another tube in case the stock one goes bad suddenly.

    I briefly looked at that amp (and other Projects) before I bought the Vali 2, but I just didn't like the cosmetics of it. I thought it would look ungainly in an office setting too. Thanks for the perspective though.

    I'm still very much liking the Vali 2, but I have noticed some hardness, glare, and congestion in the sound I didn't before. Weird, as usually I tend to like audio gear more with time rather than like it less. I still give it a B+/A- though, especially at its price and it's still better than the HD-DAC1!

    I'm hoping that playing with tubes can alter its sound so I can get a more delicate and open sound; a bit warmer would be nice too. But even if that doesn't happen I'm happy with it as is for my purposes.
  11. chef8489
    if you cant I would say it is your ears. There was a big difference between the gold lion and the stock tube with no markings and the tube I got in the mail today from Schiit. All 3 were different.
  12. Thelegendofcnr
    Hello Guys,

    I'm new to tube amps and I spent the last few days reading every single post on this thread while waiting for my Vali 2 to arrive.
    After 4 days and paying 120 euros tax I finally managed to get my Vali 2 and Modi Uber and so far I am very impressed.

    I got 2 tubes from Schiit and they are both different. One of them is Sylvania made in Taiwan and the other one only has a single marking saying G123.

    I'm using a pair of HD700's and they are unbelievably fatiguing and bright, songs with a lot of cymbals sound very harsh and somewhat painful. I have to EQ them out. I hate and love these headphones at the same time.
    What tubes would you guys recommend to make the sound smoother and less bright?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  13. KoshNaranek

    First choice would be NOS RCA 6CG7 followed by EH 6cg7. The Toshiba 7dj8 from the tube store will be a little brighter than the 6cg7's but may also be to your taste.

    Since you are in Europe, try the Brimar ECC804 from brimaruk.com. I am told British tubes are warm. I have not used that tube but would love to hear your thoughts.
  14. Thelegendofcnr
    Ended up snatching a NOS RCA 6CG7 Clear Top from ebay for 13 euros from a fellow Italian seller, guy said it was tested and balanced hopefully I don't get screwed over.

    Thanks a lot for your advice
  15. PoSR77
    The JJ E88CC/6922 from TubeDepot arrived, so I'm taking home my Vali 2 and will play around with it this weekend. I'll try not to let expectation color the results. (I might even get my gf to help me blindly A/B test the stock and JJ).
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