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Wow! Those are imo one of the best looking shields ever, and I have seen a whole lot of shields...I haven't yet seen a shield I would switch mine for but that may be it. V-Moda has really improved their process since they started making custom shields. I think the detail level there is amazing...wow...

Yeah, I don't see why he was somewhat disappointed, they're some of the most unique shields I've seen. Perfectly sized too, not sure what significance the tree has to him but it's interesting, I could see someone stopping him to ask about it.

I just looked at them again on my desktop at full size and noticed the name under the tree, when I first read the post I thought he was talking about a different shield that wasn't pictured.
It's a subtle detail, but a nice one.

/img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks. I’m really happy with them now, I’m glad you like them. Yeah the name is very easy to miss because it is so small, that’s the way I wanted it, so that it’s only if you look closely you can see that name.
It’s not that I was originally disappointed in them I think that it was more that they come out a bit smaller than I expected. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, I just send the design of and had my fingers crossed that it would come out alright. The level of detail at that size has come out great.
I’m not too sure why I chose a tree, it’s just something that I have always liked drawing and I though it would look good on a shield. I then decided to add the owl and a small apple hanging from it.

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Guys , 
I might be over killing this but do you think it will work ? or not ? please let me know.
Thank You
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I agree, thats wayyyy too detalied for them to do properly. I really don't think V-moda would be able to pick out the details on the design in the back. I suggest u try something else as this one will probably not turn out very well
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I think the upper plates for the M100 is not changeable tough . They both look the same , had the chance to try both of them and the shop assistant actually took the LP2 for me while I asked for a M100.
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Correct. I bought an extra shield and the "kit" comprised of the shields of course, an allen wrench, two extra chrome and two extra black screws and the upper shields made for the LP's/LP2's. The M100's are not removable that I can tell.
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What about this ??
My Question is if the wings has too much details ?
Feb 17, 2013 at 1:23 PM Post #399 of 1,269
What about this ??
My Question is if the wings has too much details ?

This is for an m-100 sized plate right? On my m-80's, the little signature at the bottom looks about the same line style, and mine turned out pretty well all in all, but since yours in on a bigger plate, I think it'll come out well.  :~D  There might be a little bit of a rough edge very up close if you want to nitpick, but I dunno.
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What about this ??
My Question is if the wings has too much details ?

I think that will turn out fine, but I would some of the lines a little thicker, especially in the center part of the wings where it seems to fade out.
When you submit your shields, you should leave a note saying that you want the logo to be as large as possible...
I submitted my template, and the design was as large as I could make it, within the green "safety" lines, but the actual shield I got had a much smaller design and was left a bit disappointed.

^ snake's eye is so small on this size that it's barely visible and the rod the snake is winding on is rather thin in line thickness (the bottom got cut-off a bit).
This was my original submission:
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Anyone have any ideas when the orange shields will come back? I found a phoenix photo on the web that looks slick and I want it engraved on an orange shield on some matte black M-100s :p
Here is the pic:

Feb 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM Post #405 of 1,269
Ok, so I really want to get this done but my extreme inability to do anything with an image is hindering progression. If someone could maybe set an image up in a .ai file for me I would really appreciate it. Another question I had was, I wanted one of my shields to have one image and the other to have another image, but it looks like there's only one template. Does anyone know how this is possible?
At any rate, I give you "Rippy". I want him on one of my shields: http://i.imgur.com/WTIHx.png
And then I want a what.cd logo on the other, like: http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/4708/shiro1vv7.png
So, should I just upload these raw images to v-moda and pray, or can one of you find some free time to get these into the template in black and white? I downloaded Illustrator and I am just completely at a loss it's ridiculous. Now I know how a 60 year old with a smartphone feels. Any information on how to get both images in 1 order for a total of 2 shields would be appreciated!

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