Upcoming: Hockey Playoffs
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Dec 25, 2009
Anyone have a team they're rooting for?

I have My Blackhawks vs Capitals in the Stanley Cup.
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Canucks fan here. I'm hopeful for a better post season than last year but Luongo has been shakey lately. He needs to pull it together now if if the Canucks have any chance of going deep. I want to see Vancouver get another shot at Chicago after last years series.
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Go Sens!
ok, I know they will play either New Jersey or Pittsburgh in the first round and both are much better teams, but at least they made the playoffs this year without Heatley!
And any year the Leafs don't make the playoffs is a great year in hockey!
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I root for the Canucks, since they're the closest team to here and several of my friends are from the Vancouver area. Honestly, I haven't been watching that much lately because of other things taking up my time, but I love playoff time.
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I fully expect my Av's to be playing golf in a couple of weeks from now. I'd kinda like to see Phoenix do well, but I'm not too hopeful. As long as it's not the Red Wings winning it, I'll be happy.
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As long as it's not Detroit or Pittsburg i'll be fine. The Capitals sure are having an amazing year though.
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My poor Flyers need one win in the next two games against the rags to make it into the playoffs.

I wouldn't mind playing the caps in the first round, since I would get to watch all of the games. I'm in the Virginia area so we get all the caps games televised. Always fun watching the caps play!
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Blackhawks all the way!


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