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  1. cmzwirner
    Im seeing mixed reviews on this IEM. Im finally coming here to post a question, which i should have done in the first place.
    I lost my SE115's and would like to purchase something a little bit better. I have been looking around, and i have been drawn to the westone 2's. I found them for $150, but i still cant fathom spending that much money on IEM's when im a poor college student who is also a car enthusiast.. You can probably guess where the money goes.
    I ran across a great deal on UM1's, but i want to make sure ill like them. Im looking for an IEM that is a few steps up from the SE115 in terms of sound quality. It may sound cheesy, but i want to be completely immersed by the music. 
    I listen to a wide variety of music. It ranges from Hip Hop such as 2pac and the DOC, to rock (soundgarden, stone temple pilots), to some rock/pop like maroon 5, acoustic, and even some buckethead. I like it all. 
    I know that i cant have an IEM in this price range that excels in all of those sounds, but i really would like a well balanced set of earbuds that will satisfy me. I want to hear parts of songs i havent ever heard before with the SE115's. 
    Would the UM1's be good for my application, or are they too dry and analytical? Im afraid with the lack of bass, it will make hip hop and even some rock boring. If i spent the extra money and went with something in the $150 ish range, would i be much more satisfied? I dont consider myself an audiophile by any means, but i want an immersive sound experience. 
    I wont be amping the IEMS right now, but i may later. I do notice a huge improvement in sound going from my iphone 4 to my windows PC, so if amping will give me that result ill gladly buy one. 
  2. sari0n
    In my opinion a pair of GR07's would be good for you.  They have pretty good bass impact and also respond well to EQ, you might want to take a look at them.

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