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Ultimate Ears 700 Appreciation Thread!

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  1. yliu
    I've been using these for a while now, and I really like them! Bass is tight and just enough for my taste, mids and highs (Comply tips decreases sibilance) are detailed and froward as good as th Etymotic hf5. It has a decent soundstage. Very comfortable with the supplied Comply foam tips. Quality wise, I have had no problems for 4 months now and they still look new.
    From what i've heard, the 700 is not very popular here in headfi, and not much people have it. but still I thought they deserve more attention so I've made this thread.
  2. tuahogary
    they do look interesting.. especially for their price. i wonder how they compare to the w2?
  3. Murmaider
    Im am seriouslyyyy dyingggg to try these out :frowning2:(
    i just can't currently afford them :frowning2:(
    i am hopeful i will win a pair off UE's twitter page :]
    in my head i envision these as being the perfect mix of the
    TF10's and SF5vi's.
  4. yliu


    Haven't heard the Triple fi and superfi5, but from the reviews it' seems like it has less bass and more are better as well.
    Good luck on the contest!
  5. ph4tandy
    I am an appreciator. :)
  6. ProjectDenz
    I fail to see how the UE700 is better technically than the TF10 and SuperFi 5 Pro.
  7. mark2410 Contributor
    okay, ive been trying to not post in here but really!!! UE700 appreciation thread, noooooooo on so many levels.  please please please im not trying to be mean and say your all insane just that you might not have heard some of what else is out there.  please please do your ears a favour and try more
  8. Jonasklam


    Try more like? I have had plenty of IEMs
    I think that UE700 is an underrated IEM for sure, especially for their current price of around $100. They are small and very portable, looks good and sounds decent, - good for $100, but for the retail price which was $220 or something once, yea look for something else.
  9. vranswer Contributor
    The tips are the key to make UE 700 work (so what else is new, eh?).  I found them to be really sibilant with virtually all of the supplied tips, and since I don't like the sound of foamies that excludes the Comply tips as a possible solution.  Decided to try to shove the treble-killing Shure tri-flanges onto them figuring that would finally tame the sibilance...and, bingo!  They sound pretty darn awesome and provide excellent isolation to cut down the wind noise on motorcycle rides (please, don't go there, ok?)  Mark, didn't know you could be such a wet blanket (just kidding [​IMG]).
  10. Vloeibaarglas
    These are my favorite IEM, since more expensive triple drivers only offer marginal increase in sq. They are so small and comfortable.
  11. Leander7777
    Well here goes my humble opinion. I have a friend who is a high-end audio seller, and, well, I've extensively listened to quite a lot, Stax, Beyerdynamic T1 and DT990 250ohm, Grado RS1i, Sennheiser HD650, Denon D7000 and D2000, to name a few. :) I, personally, own Ultrasone pro 900s, Audio Technica es7, Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 pro recabled with Lune cable, and, most importantly, the UE 700s.
    I'd like to comment on the Head-Fi community, before I start my mini-review.
    I find these forums very informative, but I often feel that many of the members spend more time on Headfi, than they do listening to their headphones. I am, by no means, a very experienced head-fier, but I feel like there is a notion of make-believe reigning on Head-Fi. Namely, many feel like they should be perceiving things the way they are told to. I'm not directly criticizing individuals, it's more of a critic towards the community as entity.
    Now that that's out of the way :)
    I, honestly, think these headphones are very good for what they are. It's a given that they won't compare with the best of the best when only evaluating their SQ, but every time I put them on, I'm greeted with an enticing sound that is thoroughly enjoyable and, to me, that's all that counts. Compared to the TF10, they are brighter and have more midrange. The bass is very detailed but lacks quantity in comparison to the TF10. I won't say one has better bass than the other, as it's more of a personal opinion. They create a wide soundstage for iems, very similar to that of the TF10s, but instruments and vocals don't sound quite as massive as they do on the TF10s. I find them to be slightly faster than the TF10 and to sound better for metal. They have great detail and never sound muddy and although they are very bright, I find their treble to be tolerable and, in fact, enjoyable with the complies.  They sound somewhat neutral, except for slightly exaggerating the treble. All in all, I really like them for their size, comfort, ans soundstage. To be honest, I prefer my TF10s, but that is primarily because I prefer the sound signature. If, however, ones preference lies in my brief description of the 700s sound signature, I can wholeheartedly recommend them for their current price ($100-170).
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  12. glac1er
    I quite liked the UE700 when I owned them. The thing with the UE700 is that while they are quite good by themselves, the qjays to a certain degree and the DBA02 do almost everything the UE700 can but better, making the UE700 almost obsolete. Fortunately their $100 market price is lower than the other two.
  13. mart1
    I dont hear much bass compared to my old Sennheiser CX 200. Do I do something wrong, or is it just a way more balanced IEM? I have to admit that this is my first pair of mid price IEMs.
  14. yliu


    I've never heard the CX200, but I think the 700 does not have too much bass, just a little more than the Etymotic hf5. Compared to the CX300 it has waay less bass!
  15. mart1
    Thanks for the info. Maybe I get used to it over time. The highs and mids are totally clear compared to my Sennheisers though. For the 65 Euros I paid, I wouldn't expect any better. Overall the sound seems very balanced to me.
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