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  1. Bobtrinity
    We have just launched our Kombi tips and can be purchased here 
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  2. 2xKetabol
    Hi Bob will these fit the first delta series? I think yes but I just want to be sure.
  3. Walderstorn
    Congratulations, im eager to try some and compare with Comply + Hybrids.
  4. FranTBW
    Awesome! Thanks Bob :D just a quick inquiry, these will be available as standard with the Hunter, right?
  5. Howlin Fester
    @Bobtrinity.  Thanks so much for this.  A couple of questions, if I may.
    I absolutely love your standard tips that come with the Delta.  Smoke grey with the yellow stem.
    How do these Kombi tips compare to your standard smoke/yellows?  By that, I mean, is the silicone feel, shape/size, and fit the same.  (I realize you have added the foam inside.)
    Do you ship these from Alabama as well?
    Thanks for these.  Not sure if I can hold out until the Hunter to try them...
    EDIT:  I was right. Couldn't wait.  I ordered them.  Thanks Bob!
    I love head-fi.  You can just have public conversations with yourself.
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  6. 2Dutch
    Interesting stuff..nice price too considering Comply only puts 3 in one package and they don't last that long (and Crystal Tips seems to be 'out of stock' for a long time now..).
    Putting these on my wish list [​IMG]
  7. Bobtrinity

    They will. Take a little fiddling but they do fit.
  8. Bobtrinity

    Yes sir
  9. Bobtrinity

    I have many conversations with myself, they are usually great! :D

    The silicone is a tiny bit different and size is almost identical.

    They will ship from Alabama once we ship some over to them.
    Howlin Fester likes this.
  10. 2Dutch
    Removed them from my wish list..because.. - looks at available points in her account..buys 5 GBP discount and orders kombi tips -
    Can't wait to try em out [​IMG]
  11. FUYU
    Yeeeess, Bob. Thanks.
  12. wes1099
    Will there ever be a variety pack that includes small, medium, and large? I don't know what size to get :/
  13. Bobtrinity

    No plans for variety packs.

    Best I can suggest is use the measurements on the product page and compare against what you use now.
  14. Monsoon
    Would it be one of each with an IEM or just one size included? Also will they be included with the Vyrus and rest of the line going forward?
  15. eldus
    A long while a ago i considered fiddling around and making something like this when I saw just how fragile Complys are. I knew I was not the only one. I am very glad to see that a product like this is on the market. You guys are awesome. [​IMG]
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