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TOUR: MHDT Labs Stockholm V2 NOS DAC tour! PCM56P-J R2R D/A chips, Bendix 2C51 Tube, 24/192 input

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  1. Greed
    Checking in..
    Sennheiser HD600/650/800 (all modded)
    Ultimate Ears UERM
    Headphone Amps:
    Eddie Current Studio
    Firstwatt F5T
    Schiit Valhalla 2
    Possibly some other neat toys..
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Metrum Pavane
    Theta Gen V
    - Your experience with audio gear and if you've had experience with an R2R DAC previously/currently. 
    Quite a few.. R2R is my jam. Few notable DACs I've owned: MSB Analog, Schiit Yggy, Aqua La Scala II
     - Also list if you're part of the music industry (engineer, musician, etc) or have some musical training on an instrument.
    Pianist for 14 years and minor musical engineering background. That is mainly in the past.. I'm just a good ol' enthusiast nowadays. 
    Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. grizzlybeast
    I hope you don't hold back impressions. 

    Cause I am very much looking forward to them:)
  3. RCBinTN
    Sorry for the double post, but after reading some of the background info about this company, and their pursuit of a high-quality R2R DAC, I've become really excited about the opportunity to hear this DAC in person.  A very interesting story...
    All the Best -
  4. Torq
    While I'm already in on the tour, I figured I should post in response to the qualification questions as a baseline point of reference:
    Gear I'll be Using:
    I'll be using a subset of my gear inventory for this evaluation, mostly in the interests of time, as follows:
    Audeze LCD-2.2c (and/or LCD-4 if they've arrived by then!)
    Sennheiser HD650 (and/or HD800S if they've arrived by then!)
    AKG Q701 & K7XX
    Shure SE846
    Schiit Ragnarok
    Woo Audio WA6
    Linn Majik Isobarik (Aktiv) driven through Linn Akurate Kontrol/1 w/ 2x Linn Akurate 4200
    DACs (for Comparison):
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Schiit Bifrost "4490" & Multibit
    Chord Mojo
    Linn Akurate DS/1
    My primary source will be a combination of locally hosted 16/44.1 and 24/192 FLAC files from a 2015 Mac Pro running Audirvana, Optical Output to the DACs (ethernet in the case of the Linn Akurate DS/1), with all analog cabling being AudioQuest Colorado. 
    My Experience with Audio Gear/R2R DACs:
    I'm a long-time audiophile going back to 1986 for my first "real" speaker system.  I've been doing the headphone thing, seriously, since the original Headroom Supreme and a pair of Etymotic ER-4S, and it's grown from there.
    I have one current R2R DAC (Yggdrasil) and should have a multi-bit Bifrost on hand by the time the tour starts as well (I have a DS "4490" version I'll be using already).  I'm very interested in the comparison between R2R, DS and the custom/hybrid approaches of Chord (custom, FPGA) and Linn (Wolfson 8741 w/ custom FPGA filtering etc.).  I've had a long list of DS DACs over the years ... most of which are long since sold.
    Musical Training on an Instrument:
    My girlfriend might tell you that I play guitar and keyboards/piano.  I would tell you that I'm a ten-thumbed, tone-deaf, talent-less noise-polluter that happens to own a guitar and keyboards.  I'm not really tone-deaf (quite the opposite), but I wouldn't call what I do with poor tortured instruments "playing" ... (think Ferris Bueller's "Never had one lesson!")
    headphones.com Stay updated on headphones.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.headphones.com/ andrew@headphones.com
  5. RCBinTN
    Nice list of equipment, and LOL at the description of your musicianship.  What I found as a piano player, thru the years, is it's not how refined the SQ but more the effort that still pleases me and provides enjoyment and an escape :).
    Cheers -
  6. jaywillin
    well looky there, i made the cut ! i'm stoked, thanks !
    @Soundsgoodtome , looks like we are about set ?
    Soundsgoodtome likes this.
  7. RCBinTN
    Great!  Thx for the heads-up Jay.  I am stoked as well.  Bring it on!!
    jaywillin likes this.
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    Hey guys, details are in the PM!! I'm excited for the tour to kick off to these experienced bunch, feels like an all-star lineup.  :wink_face:

    Want to thank everyone again for joining and can't wait to hear what you guys think. For those that are listening to an r2r for the first time, you should be in for a treat; if you're familiar with particular instruments I suggest loading a playlist full of that instrument and see if you can pin how the r2r renders that instruments sound in comparison to delta sigma. The first time r2r listeners will really help people with their thoughts and impressions who are on the other side of the digital conversion fence wondering if the hype is real!! -- It is :)

    For those already owning R2R DAC(s), I'm curious to see how the MHDT stacks up.
    Luckbad likes this.
  9. ericr
    OK, the Stockholm 2 has arrived safely and sound!

    Here's what I received:


    I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. My goal is to compare the Stockholm 2 with both my Bimby and Paradisea 3. If time allows maybe a bit of tube rolling as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Soundsgoodtome
    Looking forward to it! I know at the mini-meets (and full blown meets) you still get a great impression with your 1964 gear because of the isolation but nothing quite like being relaxed and tuning in home listening brings.
  11. jaywillin
    i'm really looking forward to it,
    so it might be a good idea to start saving pennies and collecting cans ?
  12. Soundsgoodtome
    Could be :)
    Luckbad on the Havana thread got sick right when his MHDT Atlantis arrived yesterday. I don't think I've ever heard someone so ecstatic while under the weather. I may tag him on at the end of the tour if he wants to compare the two..
    Luckbad likes this.
  13. Luckbad
    I certainly wouldn't complain!
    I have an already-burned-in match for my Western Electric JW 2C51 tube that's in my Atlantis, so I could put the sister of that tube in the Stockholm 2 and compare rather directly.
  14. Luckbad
    Awaiting impressions!
  15. doctorjazz
    I do a pretty good Donald Trump impression...:)
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