TOUR CLOSED - Hidition US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - NT6pro, NT6, and Viento >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. guani360
    How many kits are there in this tour?
  2. SleazyC
    I think just one kit is making its way around to everyone.
  3. guani360
  4. ncristia
    @Barra please drop me from the tour.
  5. Barra
    will do.
  6. Cassadian
    Received the headphones today from @SleazyC. They seem to be in good shape and I'll further examine later today when I have time.
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  7. Cassadian
    Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of time with these. I'll be shipping them later this afternoon to @kernel8888

    Update: So I got to the post office and I found out that they're closed on Sunday. I'm not sure what process is for tomorrow since it's MLK day, but I'll ship them as soon as possible.

    Sending them tomorrow morning. Will message kernel as soon as it's sent.
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  8. Cassadian
    Sent them off to @kernel8888

    I'll try to post the impressions, but I only really had a brief moment to audition them.
  9. SilverEars
    Sorry, wrong thread
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  10. SilverEars
    Any updates on the tour kit?
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  11. kernel8888
  12. danniao
    Kit received from @kernel8888 yesterday. Was busy until now so I briefly went through all 3. Now typing this with NT6 in my ears. As a semi-basshead, i actually enjoy these! Bright, yes, but the low end is actually present with some authority when the music calls for it. Transparent is the first word came to mind immediately. I'm using a PMEQ with the top end tamed down with my LPG - it's bright but no sibilance. The clarity is top notch.
  13. SilverEars

    Any chance that the new NT8 will get it's own tour?
  14. Barra
    Talking to the guys at Hidition right now in hope of starting a new tour with the new NT8 and the new Waltz. They are reviewing the results of this current tour right now. You may have noticed that I added impressions/review links to the first post to make them easy to find. However, we are not driving many full reviews, mostly impression notes. If they chose to do another tour, the next one may require a review to become a participant. I know that I am anxious to hear the new NT8 to see how they improved on my NT6pro.

    EVERYONE - please let me know if your review/impressions are missing from the links I added to POST 1.
  15. Barra
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