TOUR CLOSED - Hidition US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - NT6pro, NT6, and Viento >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. Neo Elemental
    Confirming that I received the kit from gearofwar this morning. I'll update after I get some listening time this week.
  2. Neo Elemental
    Package is on it's way to faithguy19.


    My personal history is with TripleFi 10's, which I got reshelled, and then a set of JH Audio Roxanne's. Compared to that, all three HIditions were incredibly clear, transparent, and sibilant. Of the three, I couldn't sit for very long with the NT6's, as cymbal hits in particular were quite sharp and, over time, grew fatiguing. The 2k snap of the snare hit much harder than the 200 thump. The NT6-Pro was definitely more balanced, but overall pretty mid-bass and bass light. Of the three, I found the Viento most pleasant to listen to, with both switches up for both bass and mid-bass boosts. That being said, any drum forward songs, electric guitar solos, or female voxes would sometimes cut through the mix with a bit too much presence. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but undeniably clear and transparent.
  3. faithguy19
    I have received the package from Neo Elemental. Everything looks to be in order. I have pm'd sleazyc and gtecX.
  4. Barra
    Don't forget to clean out the ports to get the best performance. Any blockage will reduce SQ, these are stellar CIEMs when at full performance.
  5. faithguy19
    Just got my first opportunity to listen today. Life keeps getting in the way. Anyways, I honestly wasn't too impressed with the NT6. I listened for about 30 minutes but I don't think I will go back to them. Since then I have been listening to the pro's. At first I wasn't impressed but the more I listen the more I like them. Upon initial direct comparison they make my beloved Andromeda feel a little thin. They sound richer to me for some reason. Have not tried the Viento yet. I may just have to look into getting the NT6 pro universal though. Good stuff.
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  6. Tim Le
    Is it too late to sign up for the tour?

    If not, I live in Everett, WA and I agree to the terms of the tour. Thank you :)
  7. faithguy19
    Tour Kit is on its way to GtecX
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  8. Barra
  9. Barra
    Null Audio Premium Upgrade IEM Cables Head-Fi Tour - Starting December 2017

    Yes, another tour. I am still toying with cables and my CIEMs. If anyone else is interested, these guys have very nice prices for the quality that they are putting out and right now are the only ones I know of that are doing CRYO. We have a full range of their cables in this tour, check it out.

  10. GTecX
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  11. Barra
    Posting / Shipping Requirement Reminder
    As another reminder, please note that each participant has these responsibilities which they must adhere to or risk being banned from future tours:
    1. Post Receipt Immediately: Each participant must post receipt immediately including:
      • Date received and from whom
      • Condition of kit
    2. Contact Next 3 Participants Immediately: The tour list is in the 2nd post and is being updated. This sets on time shipping in motion and keeps the next participants aware their turn is coming.
    3. Collect Full Shipping Info: it is each participants responsibility to ship out correctly and to someone that they can contact if necessary.
      • No PO boxes: Real trackable addresses only.
      • Collect Phone/Email: Please have a way to contact the individual in case of issues.
      • Signature Required: We need to send signature required for absolute tracking or it must be insured which is much more expensive.
      • Provide Tracking: Tracking must be provided to next participant so they can follow the shipping process to be prepared to sign.
    4. Ontime Ship on Day 8: It is your responsibility to follow these rules and to ship on time. Any variance must be approved in advance and documented by posting in the thread so participants can follow.
    5. Post Shipping Immediately: Each participant must post shipping immediately including:
      • Date shipped and to who
      • Any deviance from perfect condition
      • Expected delivery date
  12. GTecX
  13. flashbak
    Barra, Please withdraw me from this tour.
  14. SleazyC
    Confirming that I've received the package from @GTecX. Excited to jump into listening session with all three IEMs!
  15. SleazyC
    Package is on its way to @Cassadian -- will post my thoughts soon.
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